Need suggestions on hitting 200k dps

Hello guys right now I'm at 175k dps and was wondering if someone could give me a few pointers on reaching 200k without sacrificing too much Hp/res. Is it possible to do with 5 piece immortal kings? Only because i like the set bonus to keep sprint up more often to do runs faster. Basically what pieces should i replace first? Thanks!

175k with Taunt up BTW...for some reason it was on my profile as 175 then went down to high 90's.
crit hit is very low on your equipment. Need to increase CH on rings to at least 4.5. Need Attack speed on gloves. You ammy only has 5 CH. You have huge room for improvement. ANd upgrade you gems.
Thank you Baller will do.
It is possible with IK 5 set, see my profile, and I even have SoJ on....I could gain more paper DPS if I switched to a rare ring.

I am talking about 200k dps....stupid phone sometimes deletes parts of my message

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