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The issues were right in front of everyone from the beta testing and especially that "weekend test" before launch. That's when my fears started but I figured there had to be more to the game and more in-depth quality. Not at all, which was obvious from the get-go.

Also, I got suckered into buying the "guide" at launch. That thing lasted a few days before it was outdated. I can expect a few changes here and there, but holy crap, I wonder if anything in that guide matches the game anymore.

Feeling duped in so many ways rarely goes away and telling the community that we don't know what fun is, ha. I know there is much more fun reading these forums and doing anything else than playing this game.
the amount of criticism this game has received is not from people "hating" or really just complaining for no other reason but to complain, its because this is such a great franchise with such a massive fan base we all expected it to live up to its name. all these angry posts shows how many dedicated players these games had, were criticizing because we care, as funny as that may sound.
Best of luck to you in the future Jay. Stick with the RTS genre though.
Man, i agree with most comments. I don't care if patches had to come out to make the game better. The game should've been BEST at release.

I haven't touched d3 in months. The only game i have faith in now is SC2.

When i think about d3, the only regret i have is waiting in line on the night of release when i could've had 4 more hours of sleep for work in the morning.
As for the $60 i spent on this POS game. Well, i think of it like a purchase i lost a receipt for. SOL.

I want my 4 hours back blizz.

Wash your hands of D3 and move onto D4 like it was mentioned.

P.S I think you should consider hiring KRIPPARIAN.

D3 was not really an unfinished game when it was launched; it simply didn't have the end-game that many customers wanted and expected. I don't think that Blizzard created those expectations, but they made some PR mistakes in feeding them. The game had balance issues too, of course, but nothing very important (or unusual) outside of end-game. I think the game's improved lots since launch, and still has tons of unrealized potential.
i have quit d3 plain and simple its a worthless game d2 i played for 7 years this one 2 months and iv had enough i paid for the game and i dam sure will not continue to pay and pay and pay just to get ahead its a fools game so you fools have fun
01/22/2013 12:08 PMPosted by familia
DII fanboys are blind and mentally handicapped.

Haha lol made me smile.
Rob Pardo: "I guarantee that you will enjoy Jay’s game designs in future Blizzard games. "

Personally I am really getting sick of this "we know better than you" attitude. A lot of times you do, but guess what, this many people hating on diablo can't be wrong.
The best chose for the blizz is:
re-issued Diablo 3

this game has many patch what is a trash. For example: paragon lvl..
Every new patch just make biger chaos...

ok they will create expansion and add act5 (maybe 6) but act 1-4 is a joke..
(ok act 1 maybe act 3 is not bad)
However, this game have many incorrigible fault.

for example:
Boring story, loot system, not Diablo feeling (gothic) graphics. short and boring maps, no real random maps, there is no anything innovative

I like this game. but i just like it because it is Diablo..
But this game havent got Diablo feeling.

They try to make it better but they can't because the base is not good...
Sad but true...

Diablo 3 still a half game. All the patches released is the other half...

I think we all misses BLIZZARD NORTH and the old team..

Sorry my bad English..
OK guys time to write up your resumes since you seem be be such experts at this game. Let's see how easy it is for you. But I doubt one person would submit.
No hate, Diablo 3 isn't that bad especially after all of the patches. You guys just lost the essence from the first two. Plus not even being able to play it if you're offline is a joke. I think that is a huge disconnect from the fans. Feels just like you guys went for a money grab, forcing people to play online and survive on AH. We all know it's to take more revenue for Blizzard, I mean really, you do take your 15% off the top of every sale, right? I don't really know how to put it. It's just missing that spark Diablo, Diablo 2, and Diablo LOD had.
01/18/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Rob Pardo
I guarantee that you will enjoy Jay’s game designs in future Blizzard games.

I highly doubt it.

At least now I will not hesitate buying a product or not if I see that JW was in the team.
Sorry Jay and Rob. I truly am. I wanted this game to be perfect more than I have ever felt for any game in my 20+ years as a dedicated gamer. I tried so hard to make it fun as I logged countless hours in it. But the truth is, to me and many others...

No matter how "financially successful" it may be, to the heart and soul of your business -the gamers- Diablo 3 just did not deliver.

I totally agree. And I am truly sorry, as this all thing is very sad indeed. Nobody wanted this.
But as someone else pointed out, the majority of the critics are not from basic haters, but true Diablo lovers, who want to be heard. Desperately.
Reading many posts it feels like D3 belongs to the past already though. Such a drama, such a controversy on a video game...
Why should we bother after all, shouldn't we just wait for the next CoD, be happy about it and then jump on the next big thing? Instead we are still wanting something special, that remains a bit longer, something to care for, like D1 and D2, made by people who care just as much as us.
Seriously, this does not exist anymore; I feel old and out of synch, should forget about D3, about the hope growing years before its announcement, and the copy I bought, being convinced it was up for a decade.
Anyway, question: can we sell our copy on the RMAH? Would be a meaningful end to the story.
Sarcasm... the only thing that remains now.

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