Seven Years in Sanctuary

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01/17/2013 01:24 PMPosted by n0rain

Because ppl who do their job right don't get bumped out of their job.

BLizzard North left VOLUNTARILY!!!! Moron!

Voluntarily, as in:

Blizz/Activision: You will do this game the way we say
Blizzard North: No, we will design it the way it should be
Blizz/Activision: No
Blizzard North: Fine, we're leaving then, do it yourselves.
Jay Wilson: I can do it!
Blizz/Activision: Awesome Jay, you're the new director.
Thanks for the great game, Jay. Loving it!
01/17/2013 01:20 PMPosted by Zaxxon23
Maybe they realized how stupid BOA items are in a Diablo game and figured they had to nip it in the bud before it spiraled out of control?

Adding so much more emphasis on BoA is pretty stupid and un-Diablo, but on the other hand it's also stupid for every good item found since the game's release to stay on the market forever, and I think that may be what the BoA is intended to address. They're going to have to come up with something pretty creative, or add a resetting ladder mode.
i want to believe in a better d3
GG SiMiDa. good luck!
Jay thank You for Diablo 3 and good luck.
zarathrusta - bitter much - LOL
sticky requested
Took a picture, had it framed
got the first post tattooed on my back
Naming my first child 7592242994
Writing a science fiction novel titled "Seven years in sanctuary" about a gentle space alien who's welcomed to earth but his influence ruins our planet and society during a tragic 7 year period
Buying Activision stock
Regretting Activition stock
....Selling Activision stock
Googling "Next gen MMO -Blizzard"

i thought he gonna resign lol.
To late...damage is done.
What happens behind closed doors.

Straight up, he was in hot water over the backlash from the botched state of D3 at launch. His comments on twitter further flung him onto the fire and then the PvP failure has cost this man his project.

Thanks for what you did in creating a great foundation for Diablo 3 to be built upon.

I do appreciate your efforts. In the future, if you get another chance to work on a sequel to a popular franchise, here's my advice;

Do not expend all your efforts simply into trying to outdo the previous devs. Take what they did right and add to it, don't destroy what the fans love and try to replace it with your own.
Best of luck Jay thank you for the hard work. For me the best possible replacemnt would be David Brevik but I doubt he will ever come back to blizz.
You guys should hire that "loser" from Blizzard North for the new game director.

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