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so you are not working on the expansion!?
Jay got some things right...and other things so verywrong.

The skills system (with elective mode on): so right
1000s of possible builds? so wrong. Rune balance is terrible.

Elite Champ Affixes? Wrong Damage Scaling? Wrong (little/no way to tank)

Treasure Goblins? So Right

Story? meh. I've seen worse.

But as so many others have mentioned, Itemization ruins the game. You cannot find your own equipment. I tried with my first character. I was using a 300 DPS weapon at level 60 and nothing better was dropping (this was Hell).

My Alts were using 300 DPS weapons by level 35.

Legendary? HA! Set items?! Hahaha. Forget about finding one you might actually use. Try finding one at all...
01/17/2013 01:37 PMPosted by DeadRu
You guys should hire that "loser" from Blizzard North for the new game director.

Why so he can bring back the dupes,hacks,bots, and exploits he gave us in D2.

I was having fun with the dupes and hacks, and not like you can't set a password to your game if you dont' want people with those god tier item to join. Anyway it is all about the fun factor and D3 failed to deliver.
Now if they would just put someone who understands what Diablo should be in that position this might turn into a good game eventually. But I won't get my hopes up, honestly what are the chances of someone competent getting the job.
Thank you Jay, i wish you Best luck.
Ty JAY for everithing. I wish you a lot of successes
1st goal of new Lead director should be..

Make sure communication with players is increased 1000%..

And named public/private games...
You guys are crazy if you think Jay Wilson's leaving is going to change anything fundamentally significant about the game.
Tell me please what future project you are part of: so I know where a project is whose designers (and their design choices) I from the bottom of my heart not agree with.
Admitting your game was bad is the road to recovery step!

Denial: "It can't be happening"
Anger: "Why me? It's not fair"
Bargaining: "Just let me live to see dollars and bliz bucks"
Depression: "I'm so sad, why bother with updating the news?"
Acceptance: "It's going to be OK I'm getting fired!!"
good luck
01/17/2013 01:40 PMPosted by pk9394
Anyway it is all about the fun factor and D3 failed to deliver.


Yeah looks like it bored you right to tears from day one...
Finally. Good riddance!

Pep Guardiola for new Diablo 3 Game Director!!! :D
01/17/2013 12:02 PMPosted by Duban
I didn't agree with some of the decisions made by you Jay but i wish you the best and good luck to you.
Thanks for everything Jay. GL with future projects!

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