Seven Years in Sanctuary

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1st goal of new Lead director should be..

Make sure communication with players is increased 1000%..
Thank you and best of luck on your next project.
yay :D
I have to be honest but I feel this is a change for the better. There are still a lot of outstanding issues with the game. And while it has gotten better since release, it still doesn't feel like the epic game it should be.
Bye Jay. Please don't destroy Titan!
Only confirms what most gamers have been thinking - Jay Wilson is not cut out for the job.

lol? He no longer has the job, I'm not seeing the problem here.
Def respect for the internal move by Blizzard. GL to Jay. I hope his next project is a success (just forget about a RMAH!)
Too little, too late.
christaras sucks
Thank whatever higher deity there is.

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