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Curious if anyone has characters with self found items only and how are you finding this play style? i just started a WD without AH and its pretty interesting although hes only level 12 at the moment,
All 5 of my softcore characters are no-AH rules (self-found by one of the 5 - managing shared stash with 3 tabs for 5 chars was too cumbersome).

All are at 60 and the DH is in Inferno farming items for the other 4 now :)
Not to troll you or anything but you should stick with HC as the way youre playing SC is just pointless.
Any post starting with "not to troll you..." can safely be ignored.
All of my characters (SC and HC) are self found with exception of my SC WD (my main) and SC barb, and that is only because I used the AH with them from release

The only time I break that rule is when a character gets to 15, I buy a socketed helm and ruby for extra exp... I probably don't need to now since I found a Leoric's Signet on my 1st farm attempt and haven't found another in 20-30 runs since

I believe self found is the only way to go... you don't have to worry about over inflated prices or !@#$ty items being sold... upgrades are usually findable.. the game is good playing self found
yeah its definitely a different play experience, cant just turn to the AH and buy the better upgrades, gotta hope for the upgradable drops, which can be pretty rewarding when they do. with my AH characters i found i was almost playing the AH more instead of the game itself, so i thought id avoid it this time around..
... gotta hope for the upgradable drops, which can be pretty rewarding when they do...

And therein lays the "point" of this playstyle.
The fact that you have to ID every rare drop and even pay close attention to the blue drops as they could be that incremental upgrade.
Crafting becomes semi-useful (although I am still disappointed with the crafting model in D3).

To be honest, it's probably only really become viable since 1.0.5 when the drop rate improved enough for the frequency of rewards to outweigh the frustration.
Started with my wiz and bought a few items when i hit a brick wall early on. I felt like i had skipped a large part of the game, but the way it's designed, drop rates etc, made using the AH seem like something i had to do.

I am intent on finding my own gear for all my other characters, and am slowly building them up. I have found it to be a much more rewarding experience that way.
My main has used the AH. Srsly, 50k gold for a 950 dps dagger and a +300 dmg offhand? Yes I'll take that 10k dps upgrade.
But I haven't for any other toons.
Personally I wish the AH didn't exist. When you can get bargins like that, why farm? That's like an hour or two of mediocre playtime to get that money (i.e. not farming for it).

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