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Demon Hunter
Now that i've had a look at PVP its clear that certain stats are not very effective, While others have a renewed level of importance

My 3 most important Important Stats

1) Dexterity (due to dodge IMO this is the most important stat)
2) Crit Damage (thanks to Sharpshooter being King once again, high crit damage is crutial)
3) Discipline (Just having Legacy nats or 50Disc is not enough. Just cant have enough Disc.)

3 stats that i think lost value
1) IAS ( PVP is "SmokeScreen, Run, Attack, Run" Repeat)
2) EHP related Stats (When fighting high dps opponents the current playstyle just doesnt allow us to survive hits...Especially Crit hits........ While yes Higher EHP helps against lower dps opponents it not nearly as important as i thought it would be
3) Crit Chance (While still important, the effectiveness of Sharpshooter allow for effective builds with well under 50% crit chance)

Based on the current Dueling system what are your most important and most devalued stats?
Agree with disc/dex part

but having decent EHP is still important, my not that good EHP still saved me a few times from some hits and gave me a opportunity to strike back

so as IAS, it decides how flexible your character is

but that's just for me :)
Beg to differ.

1) IAS is crucial against barb. low IAS you can not stun a barb enough and they will asskick you if you make a single mistake.

2) Low EHP, you got one shot by Wiz and WD, you will loose the battle very quickly.

3) Crit Chance, again, when you face barb and mk, low crit chance, meaning you can not kill them, even you stun a barb, your low output can not kill them. Sharpshooter only work for shots in the first second (here again IAS is critical. a 2.01 IAS manti can shot 3 times with 100% crit, while a 1.9x can only shot 2 times for 100% crit) you need to stun the barb, pour your output in a short period with many hits and stun them again, so you need both IAS and crit chance to maintain your output
IAS is probably of increased importance in order to hit higher breakpoints of skill animations for players using 2H xbows. The dps increase itself isn't *that* major, but having abilities like vault being slightly more responsive is a big deal.

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