What should barb above you upgrade next?

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Pretty simple just say what the barb above you should upgrade next
Your IK chest leaves 200 + Vit on the table, I would go for that.
@Wayneold Probably your pants, they're a little light on the vita side.

I think your pants could use some armor.

native crit damage on your weapon.

It was really hard to find something but higher crit on your lacuni would be nice

My profile isn't updated I have switched gloves, vile ward, ice climbers and am using weapon master not unforgiving lol
@Hotrod, i'd take a few hundred dollers and upgrade your IK belt, getting an additional 100 str should be no problem. THat's the easiest upgrade i see, all other are expensive.

better gem

Try and up your AR without sacrificing DPS too much
@Sahbatage I'de say your bracers
I'd say get rid of blackthorns and go for something else.

and yea i know my rings and ammy need improvment.
@ rylin since u know ur rings need changed imma pick remove that bk from ur main hand and get a crit open socket axe/mace in its place then use that bk with ceit in ur offhand
@TWyer LS EF for sure for RD packs, you could afford to drop 50-100 dps on it.

Seems obvious but see if you cam get a soj with some barb stats on it. Never know when for your build you'd probably be looking at a seismic slam one and those can be cheaper that others.
@Aracknid - Pretty nice damage based gear.. But I would change out the pants, even for a set of Blackthornes for a variety of stats.

Please ignore my rings and Ruby in helm - Utilising them at the moment for leveling
turbo1 i would upgrade your main hand weapon
@Turbo1, quad crit damage on weapon is good, boost dps nicely
@Ani99 - maybe OH Wep with life steel and higher DPS
@Graedwan your weapons could use some upgrading. I think an EF would be a nice choice.

Either some inherent crit dmg on that main hand, or a socket on the offhand. Need more damage multipliers in general.

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