What should barb above you upgrade next?

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Imo i would upgrade boots first.

I would probably get rid of the pants. Pants roll higher vit than str...I would look for pants that have vit >250, and hopefully get some strength in as well. With the AR of coz.
@ shiichange , change ur chest to ik chest so u can get another affix and find a better ring to replace ur right ring ,overall is ok 6/10

rate me tks , wat should i change with 80m budget
@zhong you could probably get 150+ vit and more armor on an IK chest for 80m or so, if not maybe a trifecta ring?
@zhong your barbs looking great though, and 330 DPS is insane. I'm dying to get up to 200K
@Dobbin, i think u need to do
1- up your cc.
2- add change your off-hand ef?
3- change one of the ring with average damage?

Nice build. I think maybe look for some regen, maybe even viles (i sold mine, hated the look of them).

Also looks like you could carry a cold SOJ real well. Cut down/slowdown on that fear factor on echo main hand a tad bit, love mine (not on profile now still looking for a tad more res to run it all the time.).


Just noticed your IK belt. Maybe get one with the skill you use as primary attack. That extra % is real nice.
@Othar: Better Lacuni's. Get some str/vit on those things. Also, why use Inna's if you already have IK boots/Lacuni's? You're missing out on a lot of stats from ice climbers but you're still taking the EHP hit from using them.

IMO, toss those inna's, get some regular pants, a mempo, and a better amulet. If you do that, you'd have a lot more EHP (way more resist, as you'd get AR on 2 more slots) you'd have the same breakpoints as now with a little less crit (unless you get a crit mempo obv) and you'd be able to get better dps rings without AR and you'd gain str from the pants.

If not that, then buy some baller ice climbers with as much str/VIT as you can find.
I would recommend going for a IK chest and then making up for the loss of vit on your ring, chest will be expensive but you get a set bonus as well as the good stats

Incredible low vit. Any parts that has low or zero vit. Ammy, pants watever.

Incredible low vit. Any parts that has low or zero vit. Ammy, pants watever.

very nice barb! maybe save up for better lacunis thats all i can think of lol
My next upgrade would be ias AR ik glove, better BT armor, than lacuni.
Coz lacuni is the most expensive.

Whoever below rate frankillah.
what should i upgrade next? may be a mempo for hornguh80/witching hour since you already got life steal on your offhand

Boots? Get a decent one boost your stats a lot...

OK, let's assume you have one and it's good, then I would say glove, it's a good one but can be better. Get a rare with similar rare but with either CD or AR.
@ Rognar

You have one decent barb there...!!! Im new to barb but i'd say your next upgrade would be a Mempo with CC !! I dont see anything on your gear. Well done !!

Pretty nice starter Barb there. I would say it's time to start boosting Attack speed ... not sure where your next breakpoint is but you want to work towards 2.5aps.

Rings are the best place to get it .. swap attack speed for crit damage. The right ring in particular .. no damage and low str. Actually that ring looks pretty decent for a WD (most of whom value CD over AtSpd) so you might get a decent price for it .. and you can pick up Crit chance + attack speed + damage.
@freakinjstu, i would suggest upgrading those shoulders to ones with similar stats but with some vit or life %, not that you need the extra health, but it always helps and that really seem to be the piece that will be the easiest to upgrade
@Millhaven.. your barb is pretty sweet. I would look for different pants.

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