Gold stucked on Completed Items window

Technical Support
Sold an item for 5,950,000M (after tax)

> clicks send to stash
> button greys out but I never receive the gold, it just sits in the completed items list.

I have tried many times to no avail, log out n log in then go to GAH and click Send to Stash

Can it be retrieved? or should i treat it as wasted.

I am just glad this is not a few hundred million proceed.
rambo ,

What's the auction ID # and date?
18 december 2012

id: 1239437688

The gold is showing as having been claimed 12/26/2012 at 15:27:57 UTC.

If your AH history still shows it's processing or available to claim, it's a display issue as it's already been paid out.
thanks for clarifying but then how do i remove it from displaying.

There's no way for you to do that yourself. I believe they'll be removed in an upcoming patch or possibly one of the maintenance sessions they have on Tuesdays, but I'm not sure.

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