My Friend's Account Has Been Hacked

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Where the hell is all your employees?! ESP you technical support? What are they all late taking a coffee break well guess what, its past 10am you should of finished your damn coffee at 9, wakey, wakey. Why the hell isn't anyone available? For the past few days my friend has been trying to get back his via hotmail; [removed] (which he thinks has been hacked) and everytime he calls your phone service is down HOW?! This is absurd what your out of techys or some crap? Well stop firing them all and start hiring. I have never seen you act so lazy it is shameful to me I am a big fan of Blizzard and its games but this shouldn't be taking as long as it is. Now is there a way we can do this on the phone without me complaining anymore then I already have?
Friend account gets hacked.
You called tech support for him.
I dont know, i say just stop botting and move on ok?
^ Ya but imagine this was you. And it happened to me so it pisses me off. And I remember calling Blizzard and was helped on the 2nd day. My friend on the other hand has been trying for the past 3 days. Its absurd rice.
01/09/2013 10:22 AMPosted by D3Punk
WTH, why did you remove the hotmail? Vaelflare what don't have enough kahonies, to tell me why you are removing JUST a email. And where is your kahonies, when I am asking for a simple solution?!

Because you shouldn't be giving away your email address. If you weren't being ragefully irrational, you'd see they did that to protect your account. Also, you're not the only person with problems, and usually they take a few days before even getting to your case. On top of that you're being an !@#$%^-. Great way to get some customer service.

That being said, i once got my acc hacked, and i had to wait about a week till it was fully restablished. Get an authenticator, it helps.
Moving on results in buying a new game. I don't think anyone should have to buy another game just because he can't get a phone call to resolve a simple problem with a quick resolve.
<3 Vaeflare
Friend account gets hacked.
You called tech support for him.
I dont know, i say just stop botting and move on ok?
I love that Vaeflare didn't even comment, just edited the post and moved on :)
We can't assist you or your friend with account compromises here. You should instead point your friend to this support article, which covers the necessary steps he will need to take pertaining to a Compromised Diablo III Account.

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