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go to the wd forum and post there, and you need to let everyone else reading this what you want to upgrade <-very important.
Your helm and amulet give you 0 crit chance. I personally don't like Thing of the Deep. It's great starting out, but you can eventually get the 20 yards from gear and I'd rather run either a Skorn or Homunculus. I'd rather use Skorn with your build - you will hit much harder even without the crit chance from the offhand.

Not sure what mp you are playing, but I found pets to be too defensive and slow. I used to play proc doc when my dps sucked and inferno was tough, but now I think you can drop the pets and try out a more offensive build. I think Soul Harvest is great - in conjuntion with Gruesome Feast you can get a huge dps buff and steamroll through hordes.

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