Error 3006

Technical Support
Just got this starting tonight. (Haven't played in a few days, so maybe something changed on the server end.)

Any idea how to fix it?
im getting it now "unable to load character data" or sum crap
I'm getting it, too. They restarted a server about an hour ago.
Yup, just getting it now. I couldn't switch heroes, so I logged out. Tried to log back in, but I am stuck at the retrieving hero screen.
Me as well. I feel as if it's like "We noticed you recently became paragon level 100, we will now disallow you from logging in" lol
Same junk here. Survived last night's junkfest of 37s and 73s and today stuck at retrieving hero with this error code. Starting to make things real frustrating.
Working now!
still not working for me
I'm getting same error. I cant log in on US server
same error , can't log in
i'm getting this message! So frustrating.
CT here , might be east coast ?
Still getting Error 3006/3005 failed to authenticate. Sometimes I can get into the lobby for about 3 minutes then I get booted and the whole cycle starts over again. This has been going on for the last two days and it still hasn't been fixed zzzzzz.
blizzard employees are not working on the weekends, so we will have to wait until the morning for all these errors to get fixed :(.
It's fixed now, whatever it was.

Sigh. It's always something, isn't it. Sometimes I just want to play my damn game, you know?
It seems to be fixed now

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