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01/11/2013 06:38 PMPosted by Aesireon
Your problem with not advancing isn't that you can't afford the Mempo upgrade; your problem is that you have several other things you can upgrade with that 45m which would get you results equal to or better than the Mempo would but you're not looking at those because, presumably, you don't know how to spend your gold wisely.

Please enlighten me what items I am overlooking for 45 million...

Wow didn't realize everyone was so sensitive around here. Why did this game's failures turn into a personal attack on me? LOL
Oh wait, I get it now. You all have good Mempo's of Twighlight hence you are a gold buyer 99% of the time. No wonder you get so mad when I say itemization sucks. You fell for it and blew real money on this games broken itemization LOL.
What never ceases to amaze me is the astounding arrogance of people to assume they know better how to judge value than the entirety of every person in community freely buying and selling as they choose. How can you possibly have so much conceit?

And yes, I do feel I know better than someone who feels the need to buy gold in a VIDEO GAME that's pathetic.

This game is easy enough as it is, if you need to buy gold to succeed you are a newbie, and you are defeating the whole purpose of even playing in the first place.

Even if this game's itemization wasn't broken I still would not pay real money for gold or virtual items. You realize every time you do so you are supporting a pay to win future for gaming? No thank you sirs, I prefer play to win not pay to win.

My complaint is that there are not enough viable upgrade paths for players who don't buy gold. This is a LEGIT complaint, and yes a lot of the problem stems from BOTTERS, but I can also blame the game's design for allowing this to happen.
Str Crit mempos are more expensive than others because there are so many barbarians in this game. The majority of ranged players on the other hand are bots. So there's less demand for high end dex mempos or int mempos.

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