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EDIT 2 : Gearing guys is just about all I've done since posting this thread. That's awesome! But, that also means I have no time to farm. So, once I'm done gearing you out, I'd like to kindly ask for a tip, at the user's discretion. No set value, whatever you want.

Also, although I did say below I would never ask for your gold (so I can shop and buy the items for you, then give them to you) - I have taken to doing that sometimes, because it just saves SO much time. If you're OK with that, we could save quite a bit of time, but I totally understand if you're not.

EDIT 1 :

Wow, this has proven quite a bit more popular than I would have thought. But hey - since I absolutely love going gear shopping, that's awesome! =) It means I have a lot of awesome gear shopping to look forward to. But it also means that, if you've added me, you might have to wait, and for that I apologize. I like to take my time with the guys, walk them through my decision-making process and tell them WHY I'm buying the gear I'm buying - akin to either giving food or showing how to grow it. =) Therefore, I'll use this thread as a repository for myself, and the guys who have requested help, to keep track of who's in the queue. Most recent additions at the bottom, top of list is next up. (If you have any objections to having your name here, just send me a msg and I will replace it with "Anonymous X". The order, btw, is based on the order in which the friend requests I received were listed.

Here we go :


If I am forgetting anybody, please do mention it in this thread. Looking forward to going shopping together!


Hey guys,

Over the last week or so, I've found myself helping a few guys with their gearing, and I have realized that I absolutely LOVE doing that! =) As I have told all of them, it's the puzzle aspect of it, and the "Eureka!" moments, that give me the biggest kick. That, and seeing people play on MP8 who could barely handle MP3 before. =)

So anyhow - seeing as there are many threads out there from people looking for gearing advice, I just thought I'd put the word out there. My gearing philosophy is very largely based on Nameless' and Piffle's guides, and my targets are always 40K life, 5K armor, 600RA, 1000 LOH and 2.X LS, for about 420-440K EHP. I also prefer the "fast" gameplay, so I'll always go with 24 MS and 2.00 APS or thereabouts. With that in mind, I would say my "specialty" (though I am loathe to call it that) would be taking guys from 50K-ish DPS to 100K-ish. I do best when the budget is 50-100 mil, and/or when you're not in a hurry (take advantage of bid auctions!).

I fully realize that, as per Piffle's guide, 50 mil is not necessarily a requirement for an MP8-capable toon - but it sure helps. =) If you're looking to break past the 120K-ish DPS, I certainly have ideas, but they're not proven - I haven't been there myself. Same goes if you have a budget way over 100 mil - past 100-110K DPS, the math just changes. Again, I have ideas, but I'm afraid that my usual gearing philosophy would lead you on a path that you'd eventually have to undo in order to eke out maximum DPS, leading you to purchase gear twice and waste money. Again, I have ideas, but they're not proven.

I am not doing this to make money, just to have fun. Like I said, I actually really enjoy this, as much as the game itself if not more. =) Some vouches (who expressly gave me their permission to include their name in this thread) :

ewan#1899 (Ewan)
darkfury#1400 (Ashur)
OMZ#1902 (OMZ)
jsculls#1922 (jsculls)
nxp#1268 (nxp)
sevy#1389 (Erp)
Vulture#1912 (Vulchur)
XaneFrost#1726 (Star)
AyeReezy#1113 (AyeReezy)

You can add me in game at Silver32#1142 anytime, with something in the message about gearing help, and if I'm on, I'll help you. =) I will NEVER ask for your gold to go shopping for you. My M.O. is usually to search ah and point out good buys, which you then go find and buy yourself.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
He definitely helped me, I really had no clue, I had barely finished up inferno, and had a really low paragon level of around 5ish. I posted on the forums and he was nice enough to message me in game. He helped me go from really bad to over 100k dps and I can run mp8 now. Huge help and I really appreciate it, and now I enjoy the game much more. Can't wait for the spirit spenders buff!!!! FOT anyone?

Now I'm saving up to eek out over 120k dps. We'll see if I can do that from everything silver32 taught me! Thanks!
My pleasure, Ashur. You've got a solid toon now.

Another guy helped today (tentatively...). We still have some things waiting to come in from auctions - bought everything on bid almost! I think we did well, but we'll reserve judgement (and whether or not he'll make it to my vouches! haha) until the whole set is together. That was different - budget was 6 mil. Different animal altogether. =) But, it was really fun! So much fun, in fact, that...

I'm in the process of piecing together a giveaway set, for new lvl 60s! Looking to get the standard 600AR, 5K armor, maybe a bit lower life (aiming for 30K), looks like 800 LOH with two 1.4 weapons. Inna's two-piece (with pants, and boots that have MS). 55-60K DPS. I'll keep you posted.
He got me from 90K DPS to 120K with 20M ,

Really helped me :)
Ewan! I thought you'd quit! =) If you're OK with it, I'll add you to my vouches, then.
really helped me out like a champ. explaining what to go for and suggesting pieces with my limited budget. if you need help, see what silver has to say ,and you will see results.
Hey Silver,

Thanks for offering your knowledge out to us Monks.

I've got about 2mil at the moment.

Any advice on tweaking my monk up a bit with my budget?


would love advice for my monk
I would also be interested in some advice on which slots would be most bank for the buck upgrade wise. Seems like looking through AH anything that would be a signifigant upgrade is 15 mil and up per slot. I will add you in game once servers come back up.
01/12/2013 07:55 AMPosted by Silver32
Over the last week or so, I've found myself helping a few guys with their gearing, and I have realized that I absolutely LOVE doing that! =) As I have told all of them, it's the puzzle aspect of it, and the "Eureka!" moments, that give me the biggest kick. That, and seeing people play on MP8 who could barely handle MP3 before. =)

I know exactly what you mean, I love building whole sets!

Sounds like you're doing good work, always glad to see someone else take on a helping role!
Need some help with upgrading my monk for fast mp0/1 Alk farming TR monk.

Profile might not be updated yet so you might see gear used to farm leorics signet.

Add me coronac#6163
Would appreciate a quick look at my monk if you get a chance. Im currently at MP3 at best. Have a decent budget and looking to improve past my current 54k unbuffed dps. Thank you and add me when conveniant :)

To those who have added me : See edit on first post.
Yet another guy helped! =)
01/12/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Piffle
Sounds like you're doing good work, always glad to see someone else take on a helping role!

Just wanted to echo what Piffle was saying. Awesome to see you following through with something you enjoy doing to the benefit of others. We need more people in this community like you. Keep it going and... don't burn yourself out doing this! :)
Just got some awesome help from Silver on upgrading my gear. He was amazingly patient and thorough in the process. Stayed in my budget of 50m (only ended up spending a bit less than 40m) and at the end we went and killed a pack on MP8! =) Ended up getting 4 more stacks by myself afterwards (sure there were a few deaths) and got the keywarden and key too!

Would definitely recommend this service! Thanks again!

520 resists
41,711 hp
4519 armor
95.6k dps

602 resists
41,067 hp
5030 armor
105.2k dps
Just a quick question. Skorn or 2 1handers? And if you use 2 1handers does the ave damage stack together thus getting higher than a Skorn ave damage? If so what is the multiplier to ave damage to weapon damage? Since all skills go off of weapon damage.
Hi Silver32, I would love some help with my monk. Thank you!
Sevy : You forgot the best part : Over 1000 LOH (none before) on top of your already-existing 2.X LS, with higher attack speed now (2.0 on average, as I recall...?) Now that you have proper sustain, you're set. =) Nice thing about Sevy is his gear was already partly set up for an eventual upgrade to a Witching Hour - I didn't really need the belt for EHP, I could work around what he had. So, the upgrade path is fairly clear for him for the next little bit. =)

Good stuff, glad you're enjoying the build.
I will ask for your help after patch.
I started out my monk lvl 52 3 weeks ago.
now I'm at

DPS 90,117.74
Attacks per Second 1.9738 MH
2.1128 OH
+% Attack Speed 24% (+15% DW)
Critical Hit Chance 40.5%
Critical Hit Damage 331%
MH Weapon Damage 48,949.89
OH Weapon Damage 39,360.31

Armor 5,298
All Resist 677.2
life 33,7k. a bit low.

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