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Hi, can someone guide me on my next upgrade.

i have about 60mil for upgrades... TR build (:
Hi Silver, I think what you are doing is incredibly nice.

I literally bought this game cause of the monk, I love the whole monk concept, but, I am the 99% that is completly lost on it..So I had to roll a DH. Much easier, much gear dependant, but if you could help me get me started in my monk i mean i cant even farm mp1...Thanks!
I spent 30m or so on gear myself, after thinking I had an idea what I was doing. This is what I got
HP = 22042
Armor = 6953
Resist = 920
DPS = 35388
Crit chance/dmg = 22.5 / 139
Life Per Second = 1371
Life Per Hit = 142
Life Steal = 0
Movement = 24%
Struggled on mp1, lived forever, never killed solo

After Silver got me and did his magic:
HP = 44089
Armor = 4973
Resist = 651
DPS = 87718
Crit chance/dmg = 42/399
Life Per Second = 506
Life Per Hit = 1076
Life Steal = 2.2
Movement = 24
MP6 solo easy enough to farm keys and such

So to be clear thats an increase of

HP = +23247
Armor = -1980
Resist = -269
DPS = +52330
Crit chance/dmg = +19.5 / +260
Life Per Second = -865
Life Per Hit = +934
Life Steal = +2.2
Movement = +-0

MP +5

I sure cant seem to complain, cost for 5MP upgrade, 45ish, VERY satisfied customer. TY very much Silver, wish you could do that for all my characters. You really do know what your looking for and how to help upgrade a monk.
I could use some help, just leveled to 60 for my monk, have about 100m left from my WD.
Silver completely rebuilt my monk yesterday. Well we did keep and reuse the bracer and belt. What a difference it made, even though I started using the FoT : TC build for the first time ever on an Azmodan run and did not die. He really understands the Monk and knows what he is doing. Thanks Silver.
I'd love some help to rebuild my monk! Lmk if you got the time

edit: I can't change my forum profile at work apparently, so here's the link to my monk...

I'm missing a ring/boots/shoulder/ammy right now, and everything else is on the table if necessary
hi silver, had another guy on trade chat today say your the best!
i have great gear, can LIVE through 7-10mp, but i cannot do CRAP for damage ! . plz help
Hi Silver,
I'd take any advice/help you're willing to give me. I only have about 19 million gold.
Thanks for helping the community.

I'll be so happy to get some help from you. This is my profile below, could you please help me to increase my DMG and survivability. My budget is about 50MIL

Real good job.
I know you'll be busy but I decided to go ahead and post for help since I already created a topic before seeing this post.
My budget is around 80mil and I hope that can get me around 100kdps.
Crossing my fingers!
hey all, just wanna say Silver32 helped me out today. for 80mil, he took me from 62k and took me up to almost 100k dps. he was amazing. definately would like to recomend him to any monks that arent sure of their build/gear setup.
thanks so much silver32
It is nice to see that the 4 Star Emeralds I gave you, when you first started doing this, have gone to just good use for the community.

Would love some help as well. Currently at 90k dps. Would love to be a decent bit higher. Have about 100 million to spend. Probably wont need weapons. Upgraded them recently.

Would greatly appreciate your gearing assistance!

01/27/2013 05:09 PMPosted by Doc
It is nice to see that the 4 Star Emeralds I gave you, when you first started doing this, have gone to just good use for the community.

Limitations of the written medium, I suppose - but I am having trouble discerning whether you are being genuine, or sarcastic.

If it is the former - Thank you.

The latter? Well, I can assure you that every single one of the gems that was donated to me is kept in a separate part of my stash, to better keep track of them, and I have only used them on the sets I give away. My M.O. for those giveaway sets is to have a star emerald in each weap, and five flawless squares for armor (2 pants, 3 chest), and that is exclusively how those donated gems have been used. I have an excess of them yet - I was planning on doing another giveaway set soon - but I have turned people away from donated gems after I had made that thread, realizing I had enough.

Every single one of the guys I geared has had to buy the gems they needed, and they will corroborate this. (I remember one occasion of lending a star emerald, but that's exactly what it was - a loan - and it wasn't from the giveaway stash.) I did not give or sell any of the ones that were given to me for the purposes of giveaway sets, to guys who came to me for gearing advice.

I hope this lends some clarity to the matter.
I just saw this thread RIGHT after I posted my thread about asking for gearing advice for higher MP. If you could help me out Silver I'd greatly appreciate it! (:
never ever age 73, I have left sarcasm far behind. I really admire the work that you have been doing. I know it takes alot of time and dedication.

Tonsils, the elderly Monk
@ doc

I misunderstood, apologies.

01/28/2013 12:46 AMPosted by Doc
at age 73



Man, I can only picture some of my uncles trying to operate a computer....the very thought of them actually PLAYING a game like Diablo is laughable. Respect to you, Sir. Thanks again for your help!
Lol hey Doc you make me feel good only 57 here lol.
However in keeping with the thread like to extend my thanks to Silver he took me from 50k dps to about 90k dps with under 20 mil and lent me a sword worth 3 or 4 mil while we waited for a auction to end. Since then have upgraded a bit to get over the 100k dps mark and will be upgradeing that some more before long. Went from farming MP3 to farming MP5 and 6 with no more difficulty.
Thanks again,
Id really love some help with my monk if you wouldnt mind

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