Silver's (Free) Gearing Service

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@Everyone, can't wait to try out the gear that Silver is building for me. but atm, did an mp8 uber and key run with some of his friends and we had a blast. genuinely a nice person.

This is a great thing you have been doing! It seems like people have been giving up on the monk class due to the difficulty level and the gear dependency. You are helping people overcome one of these obstacles! I would also like some guidance. I am currently running a TR build just for paragon levels. Normally, when I run higher level MP, I use Fot/SW build. I have 100m gold to spend at the moment. Any advice/help you may be able to give would be great! Thanks!
I can not wait! =D I am excited to get the chance to gear a character properly.. I've done a really poor job gearing my characters so far so it'll be nice to see it done well.
Hi Silver32,

I would appreciate some help for my monk. I only have about 35 mil to spare right now. Thank you once again and I look forward to meeting you.
hey I need some help here too don't wanna waste 500m in nothing, would appreciate a new point of view

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