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Hey guys, so... I'm looking forward to buying a laptop, the one I currently have overheats when ever I play heavy (or not so heavy) games so I want to look for recommendations.

Of course I can go online and look for the best ones but they are by long over my budget. I'm looking for something in the 1,200 dollar maximum price but I do not have the expertise or knowledge to choose, thus here I am.

Can you give me some advice on brands or specific models you would consider buying if you were me and why?

PS: I'm not a pc genius but I'm not a total noob.

PS 2: lol sorry corrected number.
$12,000? I'm not sure any pre-built computers are sold for that much.
lol my bad, corrected
anyone please?
01/15/2013 10:26 PMPosted by Vivaldi
anyone please?

I use a Dell XPS L702X runs D3 great.

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