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For now, I have committed myself to the ludicrous combination of Inna's 4-pc free sweeping wind, a bonus of 30% versus elites, a bonus of 25% with lightning skills, and a bonus of 37% to Sweeping Wind. Until I break myself of this addiction, I don't think your gear, while superior in some ways to mine, can help me.

I want that WKL! Always wanted to try one, exactly like your setup with an SOJ and Helm/Ammy
Only 100k paper dps, but i guarantee you rip enemies to shreds. Good thinking sir!

Those boots looks nice and shiny xD
@Kojin. Nothing really. I have a TR set already.


should have picked my chest. so you can have my gems...

01/18/2013 07:29 PMPosted by fatalxll
how come newton is 218k dps..

i do 132k unbuff

01/18/2013 07:29 PMPosted by fatalxll
how come newton is 218k dps..

cuz i do 47cc , 475ch and got 2.11 and 2.21 ias when i attack = massive dps

@Monk above : ill take your Witching hour is it was a fire one :D
@newton nothing all my slots are better his
@FHvoids: probly that HF ring, since I haven't got the chance to do it with my friends yet (always someone unavaible because of work or family).

I'll take a gem.

The helm will do =)

...and that was cold by the way haha

I'll take your helm, if only to resell it for real money... QQ

Thats a solid inna's vast expanse
@CaRoTiD Your Nat's Ring, better than mine :)
@ captaincarl naww not trying to be cold but you know my gear outside of my farming build I take me 600 to 1 billion to upgrade almost any slot I have
@FHvoids I guess I'd take your skorn
Id like it if i had those boot for when i hit 60 on my monk
@killuchen: I'd have to go with your Mempo.

i'll take your gloves, tyvm :)
love the ehp and it's even in my resist type

I'll take those bracers off of you :D
I'll take that nats ring if you don't mind :)
Your SoJ would be nice.

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