What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

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Black Rock Ledger. P. 16.

Everything else is useless.
Seriously, you ask stupid stuff like this when your game still has the same 4 boring acts? GO WORK ON YOUR CRAPPY PRODUCT!
The Grandfather !
Breath of the Dying Zerker Axe!
Grandfather for sure.

Trash in game
Epic IRL!

Sword is more epic looking than Excalibur!
Whatever item spawns Jay Wilson infront of me so I can smash his face on my keyboard then have my kids rip his teeth out and make necklaces...

Maximus would be cool tho
skorn so i can smash faces
butchers sickle, so when im at the bar i just grab the !@#$%es and commence game spiting. plus great convo starter.
What do you think your hero" favorite song is?

Where would you go on vacation in sanctuary?

What item in Diablo III would you like to have in real life?

LOL are you guys even trying anymore?
How about giving us some feedback that is relevant to the game?

I'm kinda tired of checking in to see what Blizz has planned and all they have to say is noise that nobody cares about.

Start communicating with us about the games future.
skorn, never been in a fight but i figure this would dissuade anyone furthur :P
Its all good that you want to jump on the facebook band wagon and ask such pointless questions in order to distract from the real issues...all major company's do this with great success

After taking off time since the last big patch, 1.05 i believe, i came on and realized you guys haven't solved anything with this game. There has been no major patch or really any update for months...and its frankly just as boring as it was prior to the last patch

I know this idea might be far fetched, but the best way to keep your players interested is not these dumb little games, instead trying adding new content once a month or so...hopefully the next few months someone in your management can step outside the little bubble and come to terms with this.
What item would I want the most?
A million gold pieces would be nice :)
Eirena the Enchantress


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