What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

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Do you guys think they even care? They are now going to respond with a: "Read the forum guidelines and be civil," etc and then issue some warnings.
Unfortunately, there's no way to report a CM for a trolling post.
In real life? Come on!
Gazing Demise

I want a jar full of eyeballs.
A RL Enchantrress :-)
Goldskin is obvious, but I don't plan on being a hitman, so would be useless anyway. (But if I could get gold without fighting/killing someone (so by doing other tasks (preferably self-assigned :P)) totally.)

Otherwise....I'm not really a fighting person...maybe a Mara's or a Compass Rose...
The "im so glad CMs spend their time doing this instead of making the game better" item.
01/04/2013 11:14 PMPosted by hawkeye
A RL Enchantrress :-)

agree, cosplayer of enchantress is ok to me

items... maybe unlimited stack of mystic health potion

to cure everyone and become rich $_$
Big pile of gold

i realy enjoyed dying ingame with that wand. Maybe it would help in real life too.
HAMBURGER... with extra life...and ketchup if possible.
To all those opposed to this thread,

First of all, you need to learn how to have a little fun and lighten up once and a while. Second, Blizzard is continuing work on the game because they want to--not because you are telling them to. You already have the game, so you aren't owed anything. And I don't want to hear anymore crying about PvP. I am so sick of hearing about that! I've literally never even done it and I've been playing Diablo fairly constantly since the last millennium (single player 99% of the time). Anyway...

The point is, try having a little fun for once. Just because a "Blue" is on here, doesn't mean that people aren't working on the game. The Blue's job is to be on the forums, not make the game. So chill with all that! Some of us just got off work and we want to imagine having a D3 item in Real Life. You want to talk about something else, it's a couple mouse clicks away. You don't like it and nobody wants you here either, so just leave. Thanks!

Now, continue on with the original topic.
Has no one said the obvious one?
1 million GOLD coins? Man, I'm set for life!
I would say hellfire ring, but wearing a demon's spine (that still wriggles mind you) would be most unsettling. I Think I'd go with a ring over any other peice of armor, its not very burdensome to carry. I would want one that would make me almost immortal :D. An intelligence based litany of the undaunted would be nice. One with vitality to make me further immortal :D. And if my enemy is an elite killer, I would have reduced damage.

However I must admit having an axe that spews lightning would be pretty BA too.
Staff of Herding ^^
immortal king's

i would be immortal, and a king
If i too scared to choose one. I might get nerfed in real life.
the banhammer

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