What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

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I'd like a lot of 12% movement speed boots, pants and chest armors IRL. And then I would gift them to the D3 dev team for them to work faster. Oh, and throw in some fleeting shrines that I would love to distribute over their headquarters in a way that they have to bump into them, so that they can work even a lot faster.
That ought to whip those lazy 9 to 5 bureaucrats into shape.
Any item which simultaneously increases my intelligence, vitality, and performs life regen by vast amounts. I suppose life on hit would also be included in that since I have a tendency to bump into things... :P
the hodratic hamburger
Sorry guys, but this has to be a new CM low. There are tons of really tough questions that need to be answered, timelines that need to be given, quality issues that need to be addressed, and instead you're putting up polls?

Make no mistake, polls and contests are a pure marketing tactic to drive either web traffic or sales, maintain customer/user/fan engagement, and create a favorable association between common human social responses and products. This is basically an admission that they don't want to talk about the tough D3 issues any more, they just want to throw candy out the window of their plush limo when they drive by your house with bare cupboards.

I really honestly believe the Diablo community is above this. Or, at least, the one I used to belong to.

Amen to this.

Artisian doesn't like to be touched.
hamburger, so i can eat it
would have to say chaos....would love to ww around every where i go
Enigma <3
Some of the suggestions here do not have possibility. I would want an El'druin or a Grandfather for decorations. Really sharp ones also, not like those decoration-only swords. I would also want a Hellfire ring so I can wear it all the time, for example when someone notices it, I can make a joke like "Just crafted this, has trifecta and AR:)"
To all the haters, this question may have been posted on a lunch break or after work hours. Blizzard should start improving the game by banning the haters.

I would go with a Goldskin.
Just an item with 300 intelligence and 12% movement speed.
I'd have Haedrig's workshop. Then I could turn everyone else's items into tears. Oh wait... the drops in this game already make people cry.
An enchantress follower ;)
01/04/2013 05:10 PMPosted by Set
How would that question will make D3 a better game?
01/04/2013 06:48 PMPosted by Therai
The Magical Umbrella - since you seem to be telling me it's raining

This was hysterical.

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