What Diablo item would you want to have IRL?

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the cindercoat cause if u hit me u die :)
if I could change my save point (by moving out to a new place).... definitely town portal
The Enchantress. :D
lots of healing potions
Thought about Goldskin but I'd hate going around in heavy armor all day, so I'll pick a Goldwrap instead.

Puzzle ring would be funny but unfortunately I lack the dps irl to get those buggers down, and punching myself in the face all day doesn't seem that attractive either.
Jah + Ith + Ber

Oh wait, D3 DOES NOT HAVE RUNES, aww that SUCKS!
I'd say Skorn, but that thing looks really heavy, and I'm not exactly built like a Barbarian. Therefore, Calamity might be a better choice...plus it doubles as a handy back-scratcher!

Edit: Aaargh...not much...time left...Came back...to warn you...Calamity...don't....use it...as a backscratcher...don't...do it...hurk! *falls down dead*
Tyrael Sword just so I can say :

I remember now. I was...I am Tyrael!!!"
Puzzle ring and a good sword.

Ill be a millionare in about 2 days :P
Could be fun to come with Skorn to the class with max intelligence and say to the teacher: "I am ready for the exam, bring it on" :D
A Zombie Dog would look pretty cool in the back of my Landcruiser
im not 6 so idk
A templar with a puzzle ring on! He's like a big dummy you could hit all day when he talks and a chance to cash in by doing it hahaha! Goblins remind me of drunken midgets so that popping could always be fun!

P.S. stop trolling and flaming the CM, he/she is being interactive, have any of you even considered that the positive responses relay the msg of what people actually like in a fun way?
No wonder they wont bring up serious issues, all they get is babyhammered for it.

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