CM/WW Gearing Theory Wand & Rings

Disclaimer : This is not about gearing to get the best stats in the game. Its just placing stats in the best places effectively ( Cost and Gearing Limitations ).

IAS is not behind OS Wand in Gearing

So because of the IAS wand at 1.78, I only needed 6 pieces of 9% IAS gear. This freed alot of slots up for more mitigation and DPS.

6 Easy Slots
2x Rings

By Going Open Socket 1.61 to 1.65 70%- 66% required which is 8 pieces of IAS (2 Rolls) and the gains are 100% CD (2 Rolls or more realistically 2.X Rolls since perfect 50s are rare)

Choosing Your Rings

My other Hypothesis is that Crit Chance should be gotten on Rings as a last option since they cap at 6% and unlike the bracer(Except Prowlers) and helm(Mempo), they can get max IAS.

You only need about +42-48% for a respectable target
Amulet up to 10
Gloves up to 10
Source up to 10

Up to 6

And here is where I am

No Mempo! No OS! No Crit Chance on Rings!
I found a cute ring that pushed me over 150k and I got the rest of the stats to balance

1168 Loh
5112 Armour
31.9k HP
20%+ Dodge

I picked 200 armor over 60 AR because the math looked better
AR68.27% Arm 63.02%
Its between this pair and a 617arm+95strg 60AR 10%
AR69.69 Arm 62.25
The Loh on the Armor pair is better too

I have left the easy parts last to obtain, just camping AH for a good deal.

Upgrades required Expected Change to Stats
AR and/or Armor Witching Hour +60AR +200armor -200dmg
Gem Upgrades +20-40 Int
Better Taskers +40 Int/Vit stats
Higher Crit SC +1-1.5CC
Higher DPS Wand +50-100dmg
Highr DPS Source +30-50dmg

Final Theoretical Stats about

185k DPS
1168 Loh
5252 Armour
31.9k HP
20%+ Dodge

Keys that will push up the Final Stats is the correct Amulet which I have yet to see and determine
VERY interesting. I really like the idea of 6 IAS slots.
you need a perfect 6 for 1.78 you can drop one to 8 with a 1.79
Ok, picked up a 1.78...looks like this is worth experimenting with.
60 AR > 200 armor for EHP at your levels, and most levels I expect. I'm at just under 5k armor and 800 resist and my resist:armor ratio for equal EHP is around 7 so I'd need some 400 armor to replace 60 AR.
I now have a completely silly (but apparently functional) 2.74 CM build using, of all things, a Dark Mage Shade. Total cost of about 20 million...but I think the amulet for 150K is a bit unfair.
I like the skin for the Shade better then mempo or SC =D
For 500K it gave me some stats, crit, 10 APOC and +2 crit for EB...seemed like a good idea at the time. Also got the Blackthorns with armor for 500K.

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