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Witch Doctor
death 9/10..Im curious why no LS?
No idea who to rate, so I'm just going to post here asking for advice (sorry)

Currently looking to sell my equipped items and upgrade them, but I only have something like 15m before selling, any ideas on gearing directions? I'm looking to hit a higher mp with sustain, so probably going to get a Manajuma's with Socket if possible.

Any help would be appreciated. Don't mind hand me downs as well, trading in game is definitely cheaper that selling your old stuff on the AH.
Death, you have very low LOH for running without any LS IMO. I run 1650 loh with decent armor and all res and i cant face tank at mp8+....

Danerd, 6/10 with your skill set and build you def need an ls weapon...
9/10 Blackjack. Can't say anything bad about it. Wanna ask if you were to run bears, would your LOH be enough? Or would you definitely need a LS weapon?

I would look for a decent Witching Hour and a Zunimassa's Pox with CC, possible a weapon same as what you got but with socket, tho that might be expensive. Other than that, good stuff, 7/10 ^^
@ menty
it keeps telling me that your profile is unavailable lol...
i could use some advice on my gear/build

That's cause I play on EU - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Menty-2753/hero/1417132

I would start by getting a weapon :P
@ death not bad gears , 6/10 but i prefer stacking LS with LOH
Ah... Droppinbombs, I feel your mojo can have much higher average damage. But, stil. Nice player to run with.
Ipodmas > maybe pants with a socket?

** I just started playing again around christmas so I took like a 5-6 month break. I have in that time bought my beginners Zuni set and plan to upgrade those when I have the time. I just got all three keys last night and am wondering what level I should be looking to do the The Infernal Machine on. I have a plus Intel - Vile Ward and a different Mojo for when I am doing higher MP (3 Max so far). I used pretty much my last bit of cash on the LOH amulet.. I had such an easier time once I got the LOH Amulet I will basically try to get better versions of what I currently have. Please tell me if I need to think differently.
First thing first, drop PTV and go gruesome feast. Well, depending who are u running the uber with, if a 0dog healer is around, u can go up a few more mp easily. Use rain of toads instead of darts. It procs LOH better, and it goes over the wall. Well, you could go bear plus acid rain or learn to use SB well of souls. This 2 sets of skills I more viable for uber/single target. Provided u know how to line your bears and aim your WOS.
@menty and @ droppinbombs oh lol i have a 1295 dps skorn with LS
@adrianh ur profle is half naked =/ u need to reupdate so others can rate u
@sweetlove lol i twas only missing a weapon...it's updated now
@ adrianh , get a 6% cc zuni helm , the extra set bonus for AR would go a long way

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