Making Dueling Balanced: Handicap Option

When dueling comes, and there is no automated matchmaking system, I really hope players (duelists) will have an option to apply a handicap to the better geared player.

The advantage of having a handicap is that it creates an even match between you and your friends every time you play together.

How to apply a handicap? Equalizing DPS+EHP for both players.
Here's how I see it happening:

Let's say player A and B want to duel. These are their stats:

Player A
200k DPS
300k EHP


Player B
50k DPS
150k EHP

So Player A has a total of 500k DPS+EHP while Player B has only 200k DPS+EHP.
If player A agrees to be handicapped, his DPS+EHP will be scaled down to 200k total going into the duel so that it will be a fair fight:

Player A (handicapped)
80k DPS
120k EHP


Player B
50k DPS
150k EHP

With DPS+EHP equalized, the outcome of the duel will come down to the following factors:

1) who has the more effective PVP build
2) who has a better balance between DPS and EHP
3) who has better life sustain
4) who has better affixes (that don't directly affect DPS and EHP)
5) and of course player skill!

What does this mean for gearing?

All the CC affixes we never really payed attention to before on items suddenly become valuable:
Chance to stun, freeze, immobilize, chill, etc.

Suddenly people will need to find the optimal balance between DPS and EHP.

The special procs on crappy legendaries will now matter.
Remember that legendary weapon with otherwise great rolls but crap DPS you just brimstoned? Suddenly they might be valuable for PVP.

horrible idea, whats the point of farming? just so you can farm faster? lol

when i absolutely destroy you in dueling, it'll motivate you to finally play/farm more too
With the option to apply a handicap, it's not 100% guaranteed that you'll just one-shot me.
That's the beauty of it.

If I have a better build / am more skilled than you (not saying I am), it might even turn out to be an exciting duel.
Suddenly people will need to find the optimal balance between DPS and EHP.

And the optimal balance will be super tank'ish.

Because a good piece of gear with main stat + CC + CD + IAS is worth a king's ransom, and increase your damage by a reasonnable amount...
while you can buy something with +vit +life% +AR +armor for super cheap, and it'll boost your EHP by like 5x more than that damage gear would increase your DPS.

This will have 2 consequences.

1) Defensive stats will be worth more now, which is not necessarly a bad thing I guess, until you consider that this gear is useless for anything else. You don't move up the MP levels by having more EHP. You move up MP levels by boosting your DPS.
So people will have to spend gold on gear that's absolutely useless for anything else, and keep 2 suit of gear at all time.

2) After your 'balancing' thing, everyone will still be a tank. Which will make for super boring fights.
Fights will happen with people having 10k DPS and 150k EHP.
Add to that the leeching, the potions, all the skills to avoid damage ( ignore pain, the monk's shield, the DH/WD cloak thing, the wiz diamond armor, and so on ), AND the skills you can dodge manually ( kiting, or just moving away from a fireball )... the end result is : No one will be able to kill anyone else.
"Super Tankish" will not always be the optimal balance because of the results you describe.
When duel participants are limited to, say 500k combined DPS+EHP, they will need to find the optimal balance between DPS and EHP so they can still kill without getting killed.
Diablo 3 is, for lack of a better term, an arms race. You keep grinding and grinding to up your plvl (for the extra stats) and get better gear to make you more powerful. If they implement a handicap, then what's the point in all that? A guy who spent months grinding, planning, & building his character would be on even grounds with somebody who just picked up the game a week ago, turned lvl60 recently, & slapped together whatever clueless gear he has lying around because of 'balancing'. Sure, that makes it a fair fight. But does that system make it a fair game? What's the point in having progression? If people wanted a game like that, they'd be playing DotA or they'll go to the arcade to play versus games where everything's balanced

This is Diablo 3. People want to see how the gear/build they worked their asses for would hold up against people who did the same. I don't have the best gear. I know I'll get my !@# kicked by better geared players. But that's ok. They worked their asses for it; they deserve to pwn me. I'm not gonna whine saying I'd totally kick their $%^ if only the game has a handicap system

Sure, balanced fights are really cool. Especially if you're going against friends and you want to compete using your real-life gaming skills. But if that's the case, why don't the two of you just decide to fight naked? Should be a helluva lot easier than all this handicap shenanigan
Valcrist, you have very valid points.

However, I wouldn't dismiss the handicap option as completely bad idea, though.

If the handicap is completely optional, choosing to apply it at the start of a duel in no way invalidates the time, effort, and sometimes even money spent gearing up your character, right?

Or am I missing something?

Anyway, this is just useless conjecture on my part. As it stands, there will be no ladder in PVP. No ELO-based automated matchmaking system. No scorecards, and definitely no balance.

Players will have to figure out how to have balanced fights for themselves.
(Like fighting with white gear only or imposing a DPS+EHP limit for tournaments)
The disadvantage of handicapping is it means gearing your character is pointless, which makes the whole game of D3 pointless.
It's not pointless. Getting one-shot in PVP is what's pointless.

This system will challenge players to gear while maintaining balance between DPS and EHP.

Don't want to get one-shot? Gear with DPS:EHP balance in mind.

Stack CC effects and CC reduction.
Think of better PVP builds.
Stack life sustain.
Balance your DPS and EHP. Don't be a pure glass cannon that gets one-shot. Don't be a pure tank that can't kill anything. Find a balance that works in PVP.

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