Which MP is best for farming?

Witch Doctor
For farming and NOT paragon xp leveling, which mp do you guys think is the most efficient? clearing the whole act in mp0 or is it better to do it in the higher mps?

Does anyone still do act 2? VotA?
I think the only time people do VotA is when they are farming act 2 keys. Farming act 3 is probably still best for actually farming as well. Outside of VotA most of act 2 is spread too far apart.
I run Alky +. Specifically:

1) Core to TP
2) Damned 1
3) Core 2
4) Fields + Ice Cave
5) Keeps 1-3
6) Rakkis Crossing head south all the way.

That's pretty much it. I don't do stonefront or battlements are any of the other parts of the crater.
Moldran on you tube did a vid on the efficiency of farming legendary items on youtube, depends to an extent on the gear, looks like MP5 has a higher drop rate than mp0, this doesn't apply for leveling of course.


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