Don't know what to improve on

I don't know gear to replace. I have about 18m right now. When I bought my gear, most of it was about 25-40m a piece (not the boots).

I can keyfarm anything up to mp7 pretty comfortably, and with playing smart I can usually do mp8 without dying much. I want to gear to do ubers mp8-9-10. Right now I can only do ubers mp8 with a cm wiz or a barb using warcry, and even then magda/sk can be difficult.

I need more ehp and more damage. What is my best bet for upgrade? I also have IK gloves with 75 AR and 170str.

Plz help.
You're sitting pretty well, friend.

IF EHP is indeed your problem, the 75 ar from switching your gloves to your ik gloves would probably help.

Save up, get yourself a LS skorn, or buy mah shoulders from meh! ;p

EDIT; from what I saw of your gear, 18m wont get you an upgrade, whatever you choose to upgrade next you're ognna have to save up for I'm assuming
Thanks for the reply.

I noticed my problem recently. I had been running animosity due to a weird build I was trying, and forgot to change it back to bloodthirst. I did multiple uber and keys runs like that wondering why I was hurting so badly. Changed to bloodthirst and now I'm actually fine on MP8 again.

I also switched from WW to HotA, elites and keywardens die -so- much faster now, holy crap.

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