Difficulty entering the game, please help

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For the past few days, I have had difficulty playing the game.

Most of the time I had difficulty logging into the game, and here are the error messages showed / problems:
1. Error 502 - problems with authentication module;
2. Error 3007 - connection timed out;
3. Error 3006 - error during game account logon;
3. Error 3006 - problems occurred;
4. Connected to Bnet server, was authenticated, but got stuck at Retrieving Hero List.

And when I was able to get past the login screen on odd occasions, at least one of these problems would occur which greatly hindered the experience:
1. Unable to create game sessions (cannot remember error code);
2. Unable to obtain public play lists (cannot remember error code);
3. Auction House not responding / unavailable;
4. Error 3022 - cannot obtain payment info (even though I do not use the RMAH);
5. Error retrieving items / gold from the AH;
5. Unable to send chat messages (general chat, party chat, whispers, etc);
6. Error when reporting spam / blocking spam;
7. Non-responding when viewing profiles / characters;
8. Non-responding when switching characters.

There are a few more that I cannot recall at this moment, but those above cover most of them.

I have never had any of these problems before the New Year. I have seen people posting about similar situations, and from the looks of it, some of them had their problems resolved.

This is very frustrating, and any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Here's a new message:

There was an error refreshing the game configurations. (Error 3006)

I am experiencing the same issues for the past few days Kaim. No issues with login since launch day. I seriously hope that the servers could resolve this.
yep same thing just happened to me too. You think they have some kind of virus or something messing with the system

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