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I bought this game at K-Mart for 50$. The package was in good shape. It was a legit game. Now, i log into and i add the game key. It tells me the key was already used? I tried the key like 10 times and i still get the error. Am i doing something wrong or did i get ****ed over?
It is possible you purchased a game that had been opened and returned or that the key was stolen.

1. Sometimes letters/numbers can look very similar so check very very carefully. Have someone else in the house look at it even.
2. Put in a ticket to Blizzard including the game key describing your issue. They can tell you more about that key. They MAY be able to help you...but if it was already used then there is nothing they can do.
3. If Blizzard can prove that it was used, take that email, the game, and your receipt back to Kmart and ask to see the manager.

The faster you do this, the faster you will have a chance of getting a refund from Kmart. Most stores won't allow game returns at all, but working to get an exception is most effective when you do it quickly (and bring proof from Blizzard that the key was used)

If you are lucky, Blizzard can help, if not...hopefully Kmart does the right thing.

In the future, it is often safest to buy the game online from the Blizzard store, even though the 72 hour wait period for the transaction is annoying, it is less annoying than what you are experiencing.
Kmart gave me a refund. Thanks for the reply though.

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