Just getting back into D3, a few questions.

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Hey all,

I have just started back on Diablo 3 after a lengthy(ish) break. I am currently playing a hardcore Monk on MP10 an I am wondering about the new MP system.

I do seem to find a lot more gear (and I am definitely leveling faster) but the quality of the gear I am finding seems to be the same as it would be on MP0. Is this correct?

Public games are unavailable when MP is set to anything but 0?

If the above are true what is the general community consensus on a high MP vs a public game for leveling?

Cheers for reading.
If you want to lvl lower MP seem to be the best and most efficient way to lvl. What I did was get a cheep cain set (have to have 3 of the set) you'll get a nice 30% exp bonus, then, (if you have one) use a hellfire ring, for they have no LVL requirements, this will give you another 35% exp bonus. And get the helm from the cain set make sure it has a socket and put the most expensive ruby you can buy, this will also get you some good exp, you'll lvl in no time.

The reason lower MPs are better for lvling is because you can kill mobs faster, although you get more exp in higher MPs the time it takes to kill out ways the exp you get big time, so it is better just to do low 0-2 or 3MP to try and lvl. Try and youtube some vids on exp, they have heaps and very informative too. Hope that helps.
Higher MP also increases you MF %, each MP level increase MF by 25%. For example with 5 NV stack at MP4 its 475%, compared to MP5 which is 500% assuming you have hit the base Max MF cap of 350% (without NV stack).

The level of MP is really dependent on what you are comfortable with, whether you are looking for a challenge or just want to farm. I usually play MP4 or 5 for farming with my Barb and MP 1 or 2 for my other toons.

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