Don't confine duel areas!

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All the above nuisances you've described are actually the kinda thing we want. You guys just don't get it. Diablo PvP is supposed to be the wild west of PC gaming. Where's the attitude with this game? It has none. No bite, no grit.

THAT THAT THAT they made this game for... (Just to not get banned)
Peoples who like HUGE popsickles in their PoP-Tarts
01/15/2013 07:27 PMPosted by Lylirra
The world that you play through normally wasn't designed for player vs. player combat, so it doesn’t translate well to dueling. There are just too many variables that could wreak havoc during a duel: non-PvP friendly geometry, events, scripted sequences, monsters, level-up effects, portals, etc.

I totally disagree.

Why it wasn't the problem in D2 ?! The most of us love D2 PvP system, its great freedom of pvp locations, 8 players who can fight for each other or in teams. (btw, when do you break 4ppl limitation in game?) Of course there were ~5% of newbie players who struggled from PK, But it was so excited for all, there were griefers and defenders, It was so excited to accept PK challenge or leave the game, there always was a choice in game. Unfortunately PvP system that you even plan in 1.0.7 much much worse than it was in D2.

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