Can't Install! Unexpected Decryption Error

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I downloaded the client 2 times from and when I try to install the PTR it keeps saying, "An unexpected decryption error occurred. Please contact customer support."

And after I click ok. It closes. Help!


This sounds like you might have an older version of the game or PTR still hanging around. If so, you should remove them. Also, make sure you install the PTR into it's own folder, not your existing Diablo III folder.
Where can I go about finding the PTR folder and removing it? Looked through my Diablo 3 folder and didn't see any PTR. Also tried to install to a new folder different from my Diablo 3 and same problem.

I believe I have the right version of the game because I can log in fine.

Are you manually closing the installer possibly before it finishes?
No I am not.

It just shows the same window with the error and it stays there until I click "ok" and it closes by itself. Should I just try a reinstall of Diablo 3?

I'm on fiber optics so it wouldn't take long to do so just wondering if there's any easier fix.

Thanks for your time.

You need to install the PTR into it's own folder, not the existing Diablo III folder. It's a completely separate client and you don't want to replace any existing retail files with PTR files.

I'd look for any older PTR installs and delete them. By default, for Windows 7, the folder would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Public Test.

I've only seen that error with Diablo III back when the game first came out and we had people with the Beta still installed or closing the installer before it was finished. I've never seen it happen any other time so I'd think it's related to those scenarios.

If you can't find any, go ahead and reinstall the PTR using the "run as an administrator" option.
same here, I just downloaded the "Diablo-III-Public-Test-Setup-enGB" from the server, choose a different folder to install, then: "An unexpected decryption error occurred. Please contact customer support."

I must tell you that I was respected everything you sad, and i was never instaled a ptr before.

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