Guys please tell me pvp builds

Witch Doctor
Was getting !@# wooped by a monk...
Why not Experiment? I mean the WD is the perfect class for that. Why cookie cut when you could make the mold?

PVP, imo is the time when your should be playing around so you know exactly how each skill is functioning, and how they synergize.
you got a damn good point my friend! But i was only alotted 5 minutes of pvp time before the system shut down on me..

I was using Spirit Walk, Spirit Barrage, Hex, and Grasp. I feel like those are the main moves you should use right?
Well of Souls, Acid Rain, Grasp of the Dead, Wall of Zombies are all amazing so far. Spirit Vessel is freakin' OP, it might genuinely turn out to be the best revive passive in PVP.!ace!acaZYa my spec atm (spiDOT). survival hit and run. dots ftw
WDs are ridiculous in pvp. No class stands a chance if you are smart.
..... show me the build dammit!
SXiong! that build rocks I love it man!! been owning like crazy i freaking love it..

If yall have different builds let me know!!!

I am ready to rock the world dammit!
Yup! Spiders (Medusa), Haunt and Hex work REALLY well in PvP from my experience earlier. Needed to shuffle some skills from my 0dogs build but was doing pretty well.

Fought against all other classes and Monks really wooped my @ss the DH would be next. Barbs are easiest to beat so far. Wiz are about the same. I even did a 4-WD group ffa and it was a riot! haha!
omg that sounds fantastic!
leaping spiders is deadly and can kill off screen, jinx can permalock all but DH with smokescreen, stun garg, mass conf with the stun rune also, basically load up all your crowd control skills get tehm locked and mow em down with bears. Run passives like spirit vessel, ptv, and such. Barbs are so weak now, wizzies arent too tough, once I figured out monks they are very beatable, DH seemed to be the toughest for me with theor abiltiy to fly all over.
could you share that monk strategy/build please? :)
Against Monks, need to run/kite when they activate serenity. If they use 7-sided strike, I don't think we can spirit walk in time, so we'll be down to our 2nd life. Kite around huge objects and use Haunt or WoS, always have Hex with you to force the Monk to use his serenity. Once that is over, you have about 20 secs to hunt him down. If your Hex is unable to turn him to a pig, it means you have to back off. Horrify is useful too if he uses Dashing Strike to close in. If you use 1H+mojo, spiders can be very useful to block the Dashing Strike path, while you WoS through the obstacle. 2H is rather slow for spiders, so hitting hard from range is the best strategy.
Also, i want to add, it is very beneficial to use a pet. Other classes that have autoseek attacks will end up hitting your pets first, like Wiz's seeker.
I will release build later today.

^^ dude is right tho... Pets will save your !@# from lightning shield.
Spirit Walk to your opponent, Hex him, then use Snake to the Face with an attack speed of around 2.5, it's glorious.
do 0cd dog then with hex, horrify, spirit walk and haunt

or hex horrify haunt/well of souls, spirit walk, dog and bear
according to other classes qq, against us they seem to have most trouble with : 1. haunt 2. spiders (!) 3. hex 4. pets

looks like we also have the most diversity in PvP, by far. besides SW and SV we have lots of choices for skills, and that sounds great to me.

DH qq the most about haunt since even legacy nats get hit by the DoT in between SS spams
Melee qq about hex
Ranged kiters hate haunt and spiders/pets because of path blocking and their homing skills hitting pets instead.

lol I havent played a minute of PvP but it feels good to just hear how were at the very least around the top classes for something.
Guys what kind of pets...

This DH has been whooping my !@# all day. I am getting so mad right now.

How do you defend against DH?

Please tell me strategy

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