Scrapz 1v1 Dueling Thread


Let me know when you get 150k hp's, 5k LR and 40K thorns. Your theorycrafting is interesting, although the odds of you achieving your build are highly improbable. In any case, gl in your barb build.
yup just a theory =D, will test it in PTR once i have some time.
Since you apparently have that gear and will test it on the PTR, equip it on your barb. Unless you believe the PTR is going to be out indefinitely.
Haha look at this thread. I thought I was OK vs you two days ago but today I'll admit you spanked me. I recognize some of the other names on this list as well. GG scrapz.

i would love to do PTR but i still have alot of uber carrying to be done, =(.
i dont have the gears thou, can you test if melee attacker take xxxx dmg is a direct reflect to attackter without mitgration? =D. i think you would love to find out too right?
Unfortunately, since I don't play barb or have any gears with the thorn affix, testing a thorn build will not be done by me. I'm sure Scrapz will post sooner or later and he has probably dueled a thorn build barb.

Glad you're getting your uber carries in before the impending SW trick nerf. Although, from your profile, appears you will just start carrying with your barb.

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