Demon Hunter
I love playing Demon Hunter and have since day 1. I'm in the position where I have some gear and about 80million to spend on upgrades and I'm not exactly sure what I should do. I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any advice for me.
you need to find gloves with dex,vit or all res, attack speed, cc, cd
you need to find amulet without attack speed dex, vit, avg dmg, cc, cd
if you could find these it will be easy to upgrade when you find better stat
right now it will be hard to find amulet for you because you have attack speed
and i see you dont have attack speed on your gloves maybe thats why you choose that amulet
but gloves you need to spend lots of gold on it and for the amulet you need avg dmg and dex vit cc cd more important then attack speed its good if you find dex vit avg gms cc cd plus attack speed but that amulet will be going to crazy insane price

need to upgrade your bracer as well

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