Rakkis crossing 1fps, on 670GTX

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ATI 7970

And I still lag at rakkis.

It must be a anti aliasing issue. my vsync is enabled.
Same Problem here ... rakkis is the only place where it lags...
i5-3570K, EVGA 550Ti, I notice little lag on Rakki's


Taken just a few minutes ago to make sure I wasn't lying. Lower right corner you can see what DIII reports as frame rate. To be fair, I did notice a couple of places I dropped to 58 fps or so but I was too busy to hit prtscreen (sorry, I hate dying even in SC).

Thought I would add some more specs:

Game settings:
1920x1080, Windowed [Full Screen]
Graphics all high except Medium Shadows
Sound Channels 64
FXAA set Off on NVIDIA Panel, enabled in game
VSync disabled in game and NVIDIA panel set to use game settings (ergo the 117 fps...)
Default DIII settings for NVIDIA control panel (to the best of my memory, clean install should have reset anything I did)

310.90 Drivers just installed two days ago
-Did not install 3D display drivers (display not capable anyway)
-Did install HD Audio
-Performed clean install

If anyone has anything else they would like to compare w/ my settings just ask and I'll take a look and post here.

Edit: Went and fired up game and NVIDIA panel to make sure I wasn't telling fibs adn made some changes.
Without a doubt, the frames drop on Rakkis is defect. Hopefully Blizzard is reading this thread and has logged an intake for Dev to address.
01/11/2013 01:55 PMPosted by Ghettogal
Without a doubt, the frames drop on Rakkis is defect. Hopefully Blizzard is reading this thread and has logged an intake for Dev to address.

See my post; it does not lag for everyone. I go from 57 to 110+ FPS on Rakki's Crossing. It cannot be a coding error that affects everyone or the tech support forum would be flooded with posters.

Because it is a smaller subset of users there must be something common on the user end. Now, there certainly are some minor performance issues; I do see stuttering and rubber banding once in a while but it has improved considerably over the last couple of patches - for me at least...

See the screenie I posted upthread; it is from this morning.
Agreed. Maybe just some crazy bug with the drivers - but I have no issue with anywhere else in the game, and no other games give me this grief. My kit is all pretty decent with GTX570 and i7 CPU, creative recon 3D sound.
Same issue I have here. 2500k @ 4.5ghz 16g ddr3-1866 ram, 2gb 7850 @ 1125/5500, 60gb corsair force 3 ssd for os / 2tb Toshiba 7200RPM hd for storage <-- d3 installed here . Graphic runs at 1080p default everything highest except shadow, AA off. Sound channel set to 32 and still getting lag... Initially I thought it was AMD catalyst have issues with diablo 3 and then I updated to the latest 13.2 beta5 driver, still getting the crazy lag. The other games I play such as starcraft 2, GTA4, sleeping dogs, deus ex human revolution all runs fine with everything set to max, no stutter. It is not an over heating issues since my CPU maxed out 61c with prime95 running and GPU maxed out at 60c with furmark on, both has after market cooler attached to it.
It's a problem with fire/poison effects or transparency layers.
@rakkis it just impacts the most. in public games you can notice lag in every heavy fire / poison / mage spam situation.

played from HDD this game lags all the time, like it has trouble loading data in time.
moving to SSD fixed the usual lag but not effects from above.

will try ramdisk later and see if it's fixed. i think they don't buffer reads from HDD and it gets heavily bottlenecked.

3770k + gtx680 + 16GB RAM + SSD.
I run far cry 3, bf3 all on ultra without problems...
Diablo 3 runs perfect untill i go anywhere NEAR that long bridge.. I dont get 10 fps, not 5, but 1.
It is impossible to play there..

5 Mill to who ever helps me.

run a full scan ( for bad sectors ) on all hard drives i found this problem with the witch lair until i found and removed a busted hard drive ( not even one the game was on )
I, too, have been experiencing major FPS loss (though it is short-lived and only occurs 7-10 times whilst crossing the bridge). Only as of recently, as well. This was never a problem prior to two or three patches ago.

I can't be completely sure about this, but it seems that while on Rakki's Crossing, meteors that soar across the screen during combat (not ones cast by players, but instead the map-based environment cues), are causing/contributing to these ridiculous spikes. Just take note of these meteors next time you're on the bridge, and see if they're playing a role at all. If so, I can't imagine a video-related solution to prevent the FPS drop.

That being said, I read through this thread and I'm off to go try and fiddle with the sound settings, since that seems to be making a difference for some.
Rakkis crossing has a lot of ambient background noise and all of them are trying to play all at once, its not the GPU thats causing the dropped FPS. The CPU is the one thats trying to process all of the sound all at once. If you have a dedicated sound card this wouldn't be noticeble, but for most people they have an integrated sound card where the CPU does all the processing.

Since the sound channels setting determines how many sounds the game will play simultaneously, lowering it to "Low (32)" will greatly improve the FPS and turning down ambient volume to 0 for those who don't have a powerful enough CPU to get through rakkis crossing.

If you really wanted an immersive audio experience, you would have a dedicated PCI sound card for that reason and have the sound channels set to High.
Up, Blizzard?
Everyone, click on start menu on desktop. In search type in "d3prefs" delete that file. I got a 20fps boost when doing that. Happens because of a corrupt file or something. Now where is my 5 mill?
I've noticed a similar thing since 2.0.3 at certain points on rakkis crossing itt lags like crazy, it's always at the same place, the point where the demonic hell bearer spawns on the top side of the bridge, where there is a choke point. doesn't matter how many mobs are on screen it's always at the same point and no-where else. Several others I know have the same issue and strangely we all seem to be running nvidia cards.
I run SLI GTX670 and have extreme FPS drops in Rakkis crossing, areas on Arreat Crater levels and on occasions some of the later levels in Act4.

I opened a blizz support ticket (Issue ID #43339433) and they couldn't help after 4 responses and their last suggestion was to post on these forums and pray that the devs look at the problem.

It's definitely a D3 only issue specific to certain game areas and I have had this problem since one of the very early D3 patches (like 1.10 or something) for over a year.

Still no fix or acknowledgement.

I will also add I have this problem on another ATI machine - so its not NVidia only.

edit: will also add I tried deleting D3prefs - didn't work. Done everything should of a complete D3 re-install and a fresh win7 install.
It's the zone. I get 60fps everywhere apart from Rakkis Crossing and Core of Arreat, something in those areas causes massive frame rate drops.
Just wanted to mantion that I too get major slowdowns in the Rakkis Crossing area.

However, it only seems to happen when I'm playing with other people. If I play alone, I don't seem to notice the slowdown.

And my specs
GTX670 4GB overclocked w/ latest drivers
3930k @ 4.4GHz (Hex core processor)
16GB DDR3 1600
Game drive is 10k rpm Velociraptor.

I should certainly not be seeing such a massive slowdown in a single area unless there is something wrong inside the game.
There have been problems with those bridges in act 3 since launch.
Everyone I play with gets the bridge lag. No idea how it hasn't been resolved yet.
01/10/2013 09:03 PMPosted by Anon
OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

Here's teh problem, the SSD is using up all the CPU time.

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