Skill build for MP8-10 Ubers?

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What skills (including passives please :)) do you guys use for Ubers in mp8-10 in a PARTY? I've seen a lot of topics on solo skill builds not not parties.

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I think what you're going to use depends on your gear setup and play style. Also, depends on the classes in your party(CM Wiz = gg go all out dps spec). There are tons of great specs out there to use.

This is what I use:!XfY!cYccZc

I normally set my turrets down and sit in a trap and spam HA. I try not to get to close just to use cluster bombs;even though cluster bombs is a great ability and does awesome damage, it can sometimes put you in harms way. So I only cluster when I can/feel safe enough to do so.

If I'm in trouble I just sit off-screen and sit in BtT and spam HA. HA seems to be the highest DPS ability that is safe and easy to use.

Thanks for listening.!UXe!ZabYaY

tumble for emergencies and to escape from zk's bubbles. Sometimes i switch thunder ball for discipline bola and take out preparation and get a marked for death with mortal enemy, which allows me to lay considerably more traps in a faster way :)
i use my current build if there isnt a CM wiz in the group the stun from Bola can be really help everyone avoid extra damage.

if there is a CM wiz just go balls out dps
I like my build seem to work out nicely for MP10, with good CM wizzy
At least one DH should be using Marked for death at all times

mp8-10 -!fXe!ZbaY.c

thunder ball to help stun lock and shut down DPS saves everyone, echo to take advantage of the mob hopefully staying still and layer concurrent DPS (bola + echos)

Marked for death; stacks with calamity proc (additive 24% damage + bonus effect)
not having M4D in group on ubers (even solo) is simply gimp - ubers should be marked at all times; everyone should be producing x1.12 dps

I often choose death toll but should everyone pretty much be fine mortal enemy; M4D:ME really helps keep the echos going with more hatred to help your DPS

6th skill up to you -
a. sentry is decent for groups (guardian/aid) dps is not prime, they don't benefit from crit
b. companion (bat) the boar will likely die a lot, so the bat helps give more echos
c. prep (w/e you need)
d. sCloud is helpful as well for toe-to-toe

nightstalker and perfectionist are for the perma-gloom insurance; it goes without saying mp10 toe-to-toe melee distance + stun bola & echo at your feet necessitates perma-gloom

if you are not toe-to-toe then perfectionist could be dropped for steady aim

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