Best way increase EHP and keep DPS?

Demon Hunter
I want to try and keep all the DPS I have but increase my EHP. Looking at buying 150+ Vit Inna's pants. What else?
Mempo with crit. They cost a fortune. but they do the trick.
your belt, gloves, and rings can have AR or vit or both. your bracers can have more vit. your amulet can have AR or Vit or both. your quiver can have 100 more vit.
An Inna's pants with Armor is a far cheaper upgrade to make if you want EHP now. Also get more Vitality on your DML.

Also a Strongarms bracer with All Resistance might give you more bang for your buck as well.
What is your budget? also your chest can have up to 300 vit and 2% more life, i think a good strongarm's bracer would still outdo your current bracer on both DPS and EHP (and isn't that expensive overall). Other than that there are a lot of slots which you can either just add +vit and/or +armor and seem pretty straightforward?
check my dh
i have 57k hp with 370k dps w/o steady aim 300k dps
i choose blackthorne pants build i had blackthorne belt as well that give me more vit but i changed to hour belt but this blackthorne pant have lots of vit plus it give you life so i recommand try this build if not you need to change your boots with vit in it ^^

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