New recipes, armour and demonic essence red?

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+1 for colour diversity

All crafted items should have a seperate colour. In d2, crafted items were blood-orange, how about a lil colour for them in d3? Same goes for the plans... they blend in too much with rares :/

Currently you cant really tell if an item is crafted unless you look at someones profile, would be nice to be able to see the difference in-game...

I agree with the color diversity part. I like smashing powerful enemies and seeing a rainbow of items fall. Like, "holy crap, what is all this stuff?"

However, in regard to knowing if someone's stuff is crafted...I not only wish I knew if people's items were crafted, I wish I knew if they bought them from the AH or what monster dropped it.
01/14/2013 03:15 PMPosted by Nightowl
+1 for colour diversity
Ya i would like to see a green pillar for set items. but i did have a thought for the crafting items can we make it purple. if you thing that the tomes are blue and we should mimic the way legionaries are done but with a different color scheme. items go blue yellow orange/brown greem why cant we color the tomes the same light blue dark blue purple red(only if needed). and for any red items do a red pillar as well. red could be used for the expansion.

We like the idea of the the Legendary ground effect being reserved for Legendaries and Set items. Otherwise, we feel it would be a bit emotionally draining to see the effect but discover that instead of getting a Legendary item, you only got a crafting material. (This is actually why we chose to make it a Rare item rather than a Legendary item.) ;)

Haha oh come on. It's already not emotionally draining when we finally get a legendary and 9 times out of 10 we already know it's crap before id'ing it?

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