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Here's the thing about monster density. Although I do agree that some maps do need more enemies, I see the reason why it hasnt been implemented already. If you increase each map so its on par with act 3, then you start pigeon holing the entire game so that you HAVE to have some sort of AoE build. But there are many builds that focus on single target.

I think a good way to balance this would be to add a density slider. It defaults in the middle where enemies give 100% base experience, and 100% base MF (not to be confused with YOUR mf, but rather, the chances that enemy would drop stuff). If you slide the slider to the right, it increases the density, but lowers the base xp, and the base mf. If you slide it to the left, it lowers the density, and increases the base xp and base mf. This is just the BASE. Then on top of that, you can change the monster power level as it is right now. The reason for the lower xp and mf is balance. A guy that is specced for aoe shouldnt automatically have an advantage over a guy specced for single target. If they did, as it does right now, it creates cookie cutter builds that everyone must use if they want to compete with others, or do things as effecient as possible. I would certainly love to use a build for my wiz that isnt archon or CM perma freeze, but as it is right now, it just doenst make sense to because farming act 3 is the most effecient, sadly enough.
You can increase the monster density without ruining builds. It's not like we want the entire screen jammed with monsters 100% of the time. Just less moments when we are walking around with nothing happening.
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I think monster density is fine. If it gets pumped anymore, certain builds just become grossly overpowered. Whirlwind barb would be even more ridiculous than it is now, CM/ww permafreeze wizard may well crash the server with too many CM procs. :)

And you'll still be stuck farming the same dense areas in Act 3, even if you can control "monster density", since the dense areas will just be denser. :)

What I think would help is for the less-dense areas (e.g. much of Act 1 & 2) just had more elites or better XP/loot per monster, to compensate for there being fewer monsters.
I think just having acts 1 & 2 bumped up to the density levels of act 3 at MP1 and higher would pretty much eliminate all of these monster density complaints.

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