WD atm most op class for pvp :/

Witch Doctor
RoT + Toad of hugeness = countered DH. Undodgeable. Unblockable. Cant SS away. Dead DH.
uh you can't have ROT + Toh at the same time.
01/16/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Brahm
uh you can't have ROT + Toh at the same time.


Also, last time I checked, Toad of Hugeness did not work on other players. Not going to lie, I was EXTREMELY disappointed.
here is the video how duels works right now


its alot of emotion video so dont blame me. I realy had fun it was 1st dueling experience =D

btw check the frog dmg 30:15 - 800 allress barb and the frog is something like realy strong dot
There is actually simple "counter" to anything. Locust + haunt. If you hit with both dots, everything dies to it. No monk can survive such hit from well geared wd (with bears gear, so relatively high base damage, because of low aps). Worst case scenario, you both die.
Use spirit walk (hide physical form behind wall somewhere), ninja cast locust, and immediately start running away, casting 1 haunt on your way out. Your enemy is dead, no matter how they react afterwards.
It applies to all classes, even with very high ehp and life regen.
haha WD weakest class? HAH! really? whos QQ now all u suckas will roll into WD i bet those who Bash the WD class u will suffer from US mwahahahah its about time we beat yo asses!
Those terrible barbs are getting better. My friends have rerolled throw barbs...some of them already were sporting 3-4 mill EHP....now they have added regen. Some of them are getting very hard to kill. The battles are getting epic. I still have the upper hand as a WD, but the gap is closing. There is also talk of super barbs with 10+ mill ehp that you will have a very hard time killing even if you hex them.

It will start to get interesting as barbs start spending hundreds of millions to regear specifically for dueling. They are also finding more optimal builds
Does DH's Strafe shoot through Wall of Zombies? If it doesn't that might be something to try with them.

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