Skorn + Hydra = GG

MM requires stopping and aiming. Thats bad. Own everyone with a high dps skorn thunderstorm and lighting hydra. Thunderstrom is hitting for 700K for me with only 200K dps, offscreen even. That one shots most everyone. I use fracture to escape when they appear on screen and mimicks when they got too close. Wiz should rarely die with this combo. This build is basic run all the time while doing insane DPS not even aiming so you can spend apm on evasion.
lol so you pratically going "aimless"?
Why lightning hydra and not arcane hydra combined with temporal flux?
They can dodge arcane orbs. Lighting cant. Plus lighting destroys other mimic's and pets quickly. So thunderstorm can focus toon.
lightning is guaranteed hit
lightning was what i found too just theorycrafting. :P
How is paralysis instead of temporal flux if most of the spells deals lightning damage anyway?
So it's basically a gimped version of the D2 Sorc T-strom Teleport build. Ahhh I miss that build a lot. Now we just need lightning charms to stack in our inventory and I'll be back to my 2000's days
Spells that require no aiming = pwns hard in PVP.
Aimless, your name just took on a whole new meaning for me.
@DomonKassui I played with you just now! Anyway, storm armor is amazing on PvP as mentioned.

My dps is only pushing a little more than 100k, so I throw in a blizzard with that skorn for some real pain, while using mimics and fracture.
Can you post the full build?!Zhd!cYaZZb

-Blizzard to slow them if u see em. Thunderstorm tells you where they are at since i shocks em off screen even.
-Fracture to GTFO with two clones dramatically increasing dodge chance higher than monks even.
-dupicates ~90% change to dodge
- Hydra passive damage dealer
-Thunderstorm massive DPSer passive again

-illusionist for infinite clones.
-unstable anonmly free life
-blur damage reduction
If arcane hydra is placed the right way (next to an opponent), it's not easy to dodge. I usually do arcane hydra and blizzard (bigger area one), which is doing great damage now. Because temporal flux kicks in, opponent usually gets killed by blizzard. Over 500% weapon damage is serious damage.
I look at this post and I remember posts about meteor.
I see more and more shields starting to appear in pvp, while I haven't seen anyone use them for a long time on live. Almost forgot how shields look like, lol...
oculus > skorn
I am glad I picked up a Skorn again!
I will test it with my wd's skorn
I knew lightning hydra was good for pvp.
no way is thunderstorm better than scramble

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