calamity is awesome

Demon Hunter
going from a windforce to a calamity... previous windforce + emerald costed 130m...

the equiped calamity, 30m.

2k dps loss and now at 3.1 attack speed.
so much fun.

more attack speed with 60% crit keeps displine up.


plus i ninja'd my toon out.
a little low on vitality with this gear, but 400 all ressit and gloom keeps me alive.

i recommend everyone trys a calamity at some point while prices are low.
good luck affording a socket tho
I also suggest for everyone to try one out. A few weeks ago a 1200 dps calamity dropped for me and kept upgrading from there and never looked back. Luckily for me I bought mine for 200mil before the prices jumped up.

This thread makes me sad as a calamity user.

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