What is the current state of WD? Top3 builds?

Witch Doctor
I ve been away a bit from the WD and never asked this and found a similar thread about this, so I ll do it now: What are the top 3 witch doctor builds (past lvl 60)?

1 important thing, the builds may not revolve around the superexpensive gear. You should be able to evolve into them with moderate or even relatively bad gear

Currently I use this build http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#acUdXh!aXe!aaaZYc with gear that has a bit of life regen (that s why jaunt is used on my spirith walk as I can heal up while I walk). Why it is solid? It has the most survivability build into it: soul harvest siphon, spirith walk, horrify with frightening Aspect shield & spirit vessel are easely the best survival skills of the WD & for dps poison dart splinters, dire bats & searing locusts have been proven many times to be some of the usefull dps spellls of the WD (splinter dart can be shot off screen, which is huge and Locust swarm dps can be combined with the aoe dps of dire bats wich is a deadly combo). It is a solid build that works good in groups too, but I m bored with it and want to see what the witch doctor kids are doing these days and I m curious to know the best general WD builds.

Yes I know if you have a huge credit card you can make almost every build work, but I don't give a f*** about that

Edit: Also try to explain why you use which spells and why certain combination of spells is good (like I tried to do with my build)
I personally like the Well of souls/rush of essence build if you are working on a budget. More damage then primaries but less damage then bears. The draw of WOS is it tracks, and it goes through walls and has a larger range then bears. Another nice thing about Spirit barrage is the gear adds % damage and is cheaper then -zombie charger or -zombie dogs.
Jimbob, can you link the builds? And rate them in the order you like best (from 1 to 3) so we all might learn ;-)
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7350275486 sky did a fantastic job of organizing builds.

As for a rating system. There is no 1 best answer since builds are dependent not only on the gear but also a personal preference to the people that play them.

All I can tell you is, I prefer having a mixed bag build using the best spells for each situation (bears for close range damage / Spirit barrage for long range / Acid cloud for CC Procs and clearing fodder).
Very good thread i think, i have been honestly playing around with skills like u have. I found a few different things about different skills.

One : Acid cloud, 2nd best to bears in dps, way better than bears because it procs everything in one hit( I.E. Life steal, freeze, and stun... ect.). I preferred acid cloud/rain of frogs "build" because u can have extreme survivability without having 100's of millions of gold invested. Draw backs... The kill rate is slowed down considerably, and acid cloud takes alot of mana.

Two : Zombie Bears, Most over used skill the WD uses and rightfully so, its the only powerhouse skill that can have huge crit damage and be cast continuously. The build requires a !@#$ load of mana and never procs lol.

Granted because the WD is low in mana, life, and damage so spending alot is kinda a president when it comes to it...

PS i didnt mention passive skills becuase that it purely what u want lol, they all do something nice and are hard to choose from =P
4 main builds.

1st. zombie bears, widow or sac dog for mana regen

2nd. 0 cd dog, with reduce cooldown on summon dog gear.

3rd. acid rain, chance on hit, loh, + acid rain crit chance gear

4th. roe/well of soul
Here a collection of different build guides good read with links.

Farming Build(mp0-5 gear depending):

Passives: Circle of Life, Grave Injustice, Gruesome Feast
Skills: Spirit Walk-Jaunt, Acid Cloud-Acid Rain, Sacrafice-Pride, Zombie Charger-Bears, Soul Harvest-Vengeful Spirit, and Horrify-Stalker.

Req/Rationale: Minimum 14 pickup radius for Circle/Grave/Gruesome Combo. Dps~75k or higher. Basically you kill trash with Acid Cloud and use Bears on the Champs. Mana Regen from Gruesome/Grave should be enough to run Acid Cloud continuosly. When you need Mana sacrafice dogs to gain all of it back again. Spam Bears on Champs and when mana runs out and they are not dead Sacrafice dogs to continue spamming bears. Horrify is an optional skill for moving faster, you can change this skill to w/e you need(Garg for tanking/Wall of Zombies for DPS and protection, basically one free skill).

Key Runs or High Mp(7-10):

Passives: Spirit Vessel, Vision Quest, Jungle Fort

Skills: Spirit Walk-Jaunt, Acid Cloud-Acid Rain, Soul Harvest-Vengeful Spirit, Zombie Charger- Bears, Corpse Spiders-Widowmakers, Big Bad Voodoo-Slam Dance.

Req/Rationale: Corpse Spiders are great at procing Vision Quest so chuck a few out and spam bears. Soul Harvest is a great DPS Boost and if you have life steal vengeful spirit will also heal. Acid cloud if you have LOH is a great healing move, a couple "dumps" and you are full health even with ~400 LOH. BBV is an interchangeable skill. You can use Hex for a Warden control, Garg for protection, Horrify/Wall for safety.


Basically the same as high mp build, just change Soul Harvest for Gargantuan. If you dont have CM wizard then Hex for BBV as it can keep Kulle in check. Unfortunately that is the only uber that can be hexed. If you dont need Garg then you can run both hex and BBV.
Here a collection of different build guides good read with links.


that's beautiful... Thanks for the link
I get no love , I linked it first !
Yes, thank you Jimbob! Also thx to everyone else contributing! I hope much more will help give insight

Yeah, I know about the bears + vision quest build but I found out that I hate the vision quest passive. It doesn't make fun builds for me, it s always putting skills in there to abuse the cooldowns and it usually ends up in you mainly putting every other skill on cooldown just to spam bears ...

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