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I was selling 10 Items in the auction house yesterday. Today I came back online and saw I had 6 items selling and that I sold 1 of them. This means that there are 3 items gone.

One of them was my Zunimassa's Trial I was trying to sell for a while now. The others where some random items I was trying to sell for 100k or so.

Now the strange things is that the AH log does not state my Zunimassa's trial, not even in that past. (it was the 3rd time I was trying to sell this item).

I did not create a ticket yet cause I can't seem to find the right option to send this to Blizzard.
I know I need to go to the support sections but I don't know the correct topic.

My question:

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
Could someone help me out to create a ticket in the correct support topic?
Items keep disappearing
Same here.... had an Amulet listed for 120m buyout and suddenly its dissapeared off the AH.. not a trace of it being listed in the completed tab also...aside from this I am constantly getting the 31075 error when attempting too access the Auction House....no idea wtf is going on...
Same here. And its impossible to submit a ticket on this as well. Blizz should really wake up.

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