giving away my monk

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I want all your stuff and not one piece will ever get sold for any amount of gold because i hourd everything!!! And if you want it back at sometime, so be it, i will still have my old stuff :) But for real i don't believe you are really going to give that nice stuff away. But hey prove me wrong...

Ps. i'm happy with my junk but almost all of that is an upgrade for 99% of monks

Pss. You do sound like you just need a buddy (DirtyPipe#1636) I always find new ways to make the game interesting with friends and different builds so come along and join me and my friends. I have a feeling that you will :)
It's sad to see an awesome board monk go. I used to be one, until I found my skorn, because I needed the dps. I missed the 1h+shield monk style though....

Your character name is fitting, "Dream", haha, you have the "DREAM" monk.

If I were to prioritize the items I want, it would be:
3)fist weapon (I can go back to 1h+shield monk again)
4)nat ring
5)chest armor


PS. Hopefully you will stay, because you are an awesome monk!
Just read some more of this.... everyone is like give me give me give me haha... anyway if your still reading this garbage just add me for real dude if you want to play
Kinda sad to see good monks going away, but I guess you have your reasons.

Anyway, I really think I'm the one to take good care of your gear, and I've reached the point when it begins to be really hard to find nice upgrades without spending big amounts of gold, and your stuff would be a great help *-*


P.S.: By your nick I though you were a Demon Hunter : )

I run multiple builds (currently in TR w/ bells) and have 195K dps in my main gear.

I can appreciate your gear for what it is worth (some would go into snapshot gear and some into main) and have invested probably as much time into the monk class as you if not more. I am constantly trying out new builds and theorycrafting with other monk friends.

I have never used RMAH and will eventually get some of your nicer pieces on my own (cc memp someday) but if you are giving it away I believe it should go to me :)

omg please give them to me; i like your mempo!
good bye...i can sure use ur gear to help since i never fully played a monk before...
i start d3 when it came same day i start with monk i made him lv60 in 3days havent slept i play with my starctaft II friends they choose DH and i had over 2.5 aps and over 2000 loh that time... and my friends dh also go for aps build.. but they neft -50% aps... so i decide to quit my monk and i start with wiz and just gob farm every day in act2 that time my eye sight went bad.. (act2 desert background is just too bright) so i decide to play dh and i cant find any gears to upgrade my dh... so now im planing to build monk back. so if there is any chance to get to play your monk i will be glad to play ^^
You sure? they just posted the new patch updates wich pvp will be finally in it. Anyways if that doesn't change your mind to stay. The monk is pretty much the only char I play with these days would be awesome to get a upgrade. DjBiGz514 #1746
Would love to help but after looking at your gear i would feel worthy.
Good gear, would be nice not having to swap gear between my DH and Monk.

I agree with some of the others tho, you should stay till at least the patch, especially since they are making changes to monks. However if you still feel the need to retire I'd put that weapon up Diablo's !@# anytime!

Quirky #1766
Hey let me know. I have almost 600 hours into the game already
Ah, another good monk is leaving. Thank for giving away the items instead of rma and that's good since us day one monk could most of it to help us with high mp level. Most of my friend have already left but I'm still addict to Diablo series and hoping it will improve with each patch and so far it's not bad. I won't quit d3 anytime and will purchase the expansion if they release it so if you looking for a good monk to take care and put in a good use <3. GL to all the monk:)
Hi, pvp is coming soon so why not hold out? Might give you a reason to stay if that could be a good enough reason :P

Your gear is just wow. I don't have a monk and run a DH. Idk if I'm entitled to any of your gear but hey, count me in if you see me fit. Any gear on you is a real good upgrade for me actually lol. And if you ever decide to come back, it'll be waiting for you. Probably won't find anything better than those for a long while :P

Whatever you decide, goodluck to you man o.ov
Sorry to hear your quitting. You should probably hold out for the new patch and see what happens. If after that you decide you still don't want to play I could always use some of gear. Some of it wont benefit me but im a 140k dps monk just looking to get better and dont have much gold for the expensive stuff i.e your withcing hour, nats ring, gloves, mempo.
don't leave, let's build a monk team of glory and slay baddies!!!

but seriously are you parting him out or giving the full setup?
not that it really matter's but i was curious, are you still playing would there be gear you'd want for another class?

anything i can do to help you wanna stay?
but anyway if you truly want to donate to someone who will use the gear instead of AHing it i would love too, especially sine we're using the same skill's i know it'd work.

either way you have a wonderful day and a happy new year....
but seriously there aren't enough monk's already
i'll miss you (cry)
I can help you... help me. =)
As much as i agree that you shouldn't quit the game, i wouldn't mind a piece of gear from you. Better then it fading to nothing.


if i ever do replace the gear, it will be set aside for you or if it gets out dated (doubt it) and you come back. i would be more then happy to repay you with gear/gold.
Monks were fun at the start of D3 would really love to get into them again but sad to see you go bro :*(
To bad ,good monks are rare ...stay for a wile more and play with me ? test out the new changes to monks ? I dont need much of your gear as I like the one I have but im always looking for quality monks to play with ,so hit me in game Jab#1600.

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