Auction House offline??

Technical Support
we have a posts in technical support forum on UE, but theres no blue answer long time right now... what's going on?

we're going to loose all our items..? ...

answer please..?
We are sorry to disturb you guys, but seems that in EU we don't get any reply, thats why we are trying to get an answer here.

Our AH is constantly going down, like every day or every other day and lately at prime time, the worst part is that we don't get any notification prior to the service going down and we don't know what is going on because no one from the Blizzard team replies.

This might be a useless step to get an answer but at least I'm showing some solidarity with my European colleagues.

@Kenkepeople: Change the title to something a bit more useful and no caps if you want at least to be taken seriously and also put a EU tag on it as well.
same here, no AH available and no reply/response on EU server/forum.

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