Xena's farming build

Demon Hunter
During last couple of days I wanted to make a impale-spamable build but it always lacked something. So after browsing through various natalia embraces I ran into an into an idea- lets make a chakram build. You can see natalia embrace and soj with -chakram cost ridiculously cheap.
It cannot possibly compare to a strafe-farming build but it might be a nice competition to EA- ball lightning.
As most EA:BL builds need EA and hatred generator, chakram build with -9 reduction doesnt need it works well on its own.

All you need is:
-24ms (standard I believe)
-40+ discipline(the more the better)
-Natalia's armor with chakram reduction
-SoJ with chakram reduction

Pick up radius (optional but really helpful)
Ruby in helmet, hellfire ring and leoric for mercenary help gain more exp. (obvious)
basic build:

And here's a version for casual players, that lack either ehp or dps:
-obviously not as good as previous build, lacks some speed
-gloom for ehp

You can pick your own nuke spell, imo the best is either spike trap or cluster arrow
You can change twin chakram rune to razor disk, depends whichever you prefer, both work good.

hot pursuit thing fixed, ty.
So, let me hear your opinion.
the movement speed caps at 25 for regular running
From items- yes, you are right. Skills go beyond that limit.
Hot pursuit doesn't take you over the movement speed cap.
BurningJC007 Thanks, I've updated 1st post. Looking forward to future, when this passive is fixed.

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