Boss Monks Needed

Hello Monks,

You probably don't remember me, but I actually posted in here about a week ago in hopes of getting monks to add me for MP10 uber running. I'm still doing lots and lots of these runs, and I'm still not satisfied with how many Boss Monks I have added. I did manage to find several Boss Monks, but several is not enough.

So, if you are a Boss Monk and you want to have the option of being called in to assist/speedup uber carry runs without needing machines (I don't charge people gold, just machines), let me know. Yes, I know you are capable of MP10 ubers by yourself. So am I. But guess what? Doing this lets us combine our dmg buffs for superspeed, and it lets us do so without needing our own machines -- it's a win win.

Boss Monk is qualitative, since in my last thread I learned it's not so simple as picking out baseline stats, such as "Must be 200K sheet DPS" etc. You need to be a Boss, and you need to be smart about doing ubers with a Weatherman Wiz (aka you need to know where to position, basically just be experienced with ubers, or be willing to learn)
<<<bored all in PTR
not a "BOSS" but might can help
I think you count as a Boss, we will see how it goes!
hmm i though you are solo carrying, =D.
i'm a boss (atleast until sw-snapshot gets fixed :P).
been solo-carrying 3ppl on mp10 but wouldnt mind teaming up for some less-stress/more-fun games. You can add me to the list, I usually have a boss barb friend to bring along as well.
Why would you though I am solo carrying?

I think you might have read incorrectly if after reading my post you though I am solo carrying. Says I want monks, which sort of kind of implies I am not soloing.

Like my father once said, why solo when a monk can increase killing speed? Conversely, as a monk, why solo when a weatherman Wiz can increase killing speed? We both provide 35%+ buffs to each other, so the net result is much faster than if either did it solo. I added that last part, wasn't from my father
lol, your father is a wise man
@Wittster you would be great!

Besides, your HF is screaming "I want IAS". Let's bust out a bunch of runs and land you one with IAS too ;)

oo and yeah i'm also always down for bossbarbs, definitely welcome to bring him along anytime i inv
Can i be a boss? 70k dps ftw.
^Like I said, aint about making cutoffs with nice round numbers, whatever. It's about being teh_b0ss

If you are boss, that's all I need. Monks are tricky because of the snapshot thing, so it's just pointless to judge 70K sheet dps which could very well be 10M+ eDPS
I want to be a boss too :(
I too want to be a boss =(
I want my boss to do me, she's hot.
I am often available for carries! Just add me.
I'm not boss, but I'd be willing to help/learn.
I count as a mini boss but I'm TR / WoL build so fairly useless in ubers :)
Did quite a lot of mp10 ubers already. Usually will swap my zuni boots for ice climbers during ubers. Not as experienced as wittster though, i wished i had a spare skorn to do that trick also
Add me if it meets your baseline.
I'm THE boss, so add me. I dont use snapshot so I am viable both before and after this patch coming.
I been a boss for a long time 237k unbuffed 302k buffed with blind 567k rawr
lucky i got myself a few BOSS wizard lol :P

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